Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BABA JUKWA..............................30/06/2013

Zimbabwe normal on a Sunday, I don’t post before 18.00 hours, but I am angry with the way the voters roll has been grossly tempered with by my evil party. All opposition parties must know that my evil party is registering every Zimbabwean with an I.D especial those in Diaspora, they went through the immigration office and took names of those outside the country and registered them countrywide and their so-called cell chairpersons will vote on behalf of everyone to give my evil party more numbers. I won’t rest until this is corrected all parties in the inclusive government, don’t allow this can you all make it a point that now as I update this everyone ask his or her relative abroad to give their names and identity numbers to their family members and people on ground so you know what I am talking about. Can all opposition parties if it happens confirm every people in diaposra and bus them to wherever their names are appearing and let’s say no to this Mossad inspired rigging. Don’t take this likely Zimbabwe and all parties can you urgently attend to this issue and all those who are not registered please go in numbers you have ten days to go.

 Those already registered make sure your name, surnames, id numbers are correctly registered as they are out to manipulate them. This year I will make sure that the evil people and its fellow politicians in military gear go down the drain. I am angry Zimbabwe and I didn’t sleep you can have a look at my picture still in office
Baba Jukwa


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