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BABA JUKWA......................07/07/2013

At the Tanzanian Club in Belgravia, Harare on the eastern opposite of Parirenyatwa Group of Hospital, two weeks before the assassination of General Solomon Mujuru and we had our lunch of the Tanzanian rice and goat meet. He had a long conversation. Although we usually met almost on daily basis but on this day, it is a special day because it is a day l always remember and start crying. I usually don't want to talk about it because ndingatoenda musango nhasi chaiye. Three hours we have been exchanging notes on how, we must change things for the better. How we shared the view to approach the evil snake Mnangagwa to tell the President that he is now a liability to the country and the party. How he told me that whatever happens to anyone of us and several others who are operating underground, those who will be available must fight the war to the finish. We said there shall come a time when military action will be an option. 

I had to brief Tendai Savanhu and others about what we have resolved at the meeting with the General at Savanhu's Mt. Pleasant offices where we told each other the time to be afraid of those who are destroying our country is over. The seed of totally rebellion was sown in all of us and still the resolution is still outstanding. Rig elections against Morgan Tsvangirai and others and then wait and see for yourselves. Zimbabwe will never be the same again.

I am saying this because l am crying. I don't know what has happened. I just started thinking about my friends and commander General Solomon Mujuru and started crying and saw myself on my laptop writing this. God forgive me l am angry on the day l praise your wonderful self.

I will never retreat!!

Kill me now the way you killed my friend General Mujuru. I am no longer care. Come out lets fight


Baba Jukwa
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Good morning Zimbabwe, I thought I should share this with you. Nowadays we are busy moving around rural areas, but wherever I am going I am with you in spirit and at heart and in pain of all my assassinated friends. Just check this information and enjoy calling them.
More Rashiwe Guzhas in the making
Women in diamond mining are crying foul over the way that some ZANU PF stalwarts, defence forces and intelligence chiefs have taken over their project as rumours of imminent signing of the mining grant intensify.
DF Mutingwende, Theresa Maburutse, A Gumba and Assistant Commissioner Apolonia Munzverengwi are being squarely blamed for using the president’s name to take over the venture. They are now even threatening any dissenters with imprisonment or disappearance in the Rashiwe Guzha style after they are killed and their bodies are thrown into vats of acid.
A meeting held at the Jameson Hotel by the Apex Board of women in mining has thrown the lid off the whole conspiracy as Maburutse put the cat among the pigeons with her underhand dealings. The directors then woke up to realize that the apex board has been neutralized as they no longer have any say beyond what Mutingwende, Mauburutse, Gumba and Munzverengwi ordain.
Maburutse was clandestinely going into the rooms of members and telling many different stories about exactly what is going and threatening them into docility. She claims to have the protection of CIO and army personnel who have been incorporated into Tagona. “The President personally put me here and has promised that any one who tries to go against me will disappear the same way that Rashiwe Guzha vanished off the face of the earth. You will be thrown into a vat of acid and dissolve just like that. I have CIO operatives who are taping your phones and following you everywhere. So do not even try to do anything funny or your children will be orphans before the end of year,” she told one director representing a province whose members have been vocal in demanding accountability and transparency in the coup against women.
The background is that in October 2010 Constance Kunaka spearheaded the mobilization of marginalized women to form a consortium to apply for a diamond mining concession. Kunaka had been engaged as a consultant by a group of women led by N Sango – 0772815318, T Maburutse-0773814512, V Rukainga-0772432660, and S Dangarembizi – 0772769769.
Except for Maburutse who is in cahoots with the marauders, all these women are now in the sidelines and maybe even on their way out of the organisation. None of the four is on the team that is going to Manicaland tomorrow to tour the site that is being explored and the people who should have been at the forefront have not been consulted and do not know what is going on.
Yet it was this core group that facilitated the organisation of women form different provinces into registering companies. After all the companies were registered there was the need to form an apex board as the earlier one was now defunct after it was dissolved by Opah Muchinguri during her reign as the minister in charge of women’s affairs.
On the day that the apex board was formed it was also decided that chairperson for the women diamond companies be appointed. It was then that Mamasco (headed by Constance Kunaka) and Wominaz (V Rukainga) which were both companies for women in diamond mining. These companies had already been registered with Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and had been assigned concessions although they had not yet received grants from the president.
After this Assistant Commissioner Apolonia Munzverengwi then came into the Apex as a representative of a company purportedly representing women in uniform.
The grants never came and Constance Kunaka then spearheaded a drive to re-register. She made an alliance with Mr DF Mutingwende Group CEO of Zimbabwe Mining Agricultural Residential & Tourism (Zimart) Trust (0773 491 242) who had been pushed into the women’s arena by Dr Olivia Muchena as though women were incapable of going it alone. Together they formed a company called Tada which comprised Womaniz, Mamasco, Tagona, Upfumi( from Mutingwende’s wing) and his Zimart.
In the last quarter of 2012 one Mutate who is the chairperson of Masvingo started calling the core group saying that the Assistant Commissioner Apolonia Munzverengwi had said that the application for diamond mining concessions is free and that all moneys levied from members were therefore fraudulently collected.
This caused a lot of confusion and disgruntlement among the members as they started to believe that the core group had stolen their money. This was in spite of the core group citing the expenses like office, secretarial services and the hiring of consultants to carry out the necessary services.
C Kunaka, N Sango, V Rukainga, S Dangarembizi and T Maburutse were accused of theft. The first four became victims of harassment by the ZRP CID Minerals which alleged that the holding company for Mamasco and Tagona was illegally constituted as the Ministry of Mines did not know anything about it. T Maburutse then connived with her husband to raid the secretariat office and removed all organisation documents.
It appears that she was behind the allegations being raised against the core group as she herself was never bothered by the police. The other four women were required to report at the police offices next to CRV offices along R Manyika. After a while the charges were quietly dropped when the police could find no evidence of any fraudulent activity.
On the other hand it appears that Zimart has taken over the project. The chairpersons of Mamasco, Tagona and Womaniz have been unconstitutionally replaced in an illegal boardroom coup. Mutingwende is now single handedly running Tada and has chosen his own people to replace those he deemed ‘uncooperative’.
Constance Kunaka has been replaced by A Gumba who is all over the place. Tagona chairperson M Mbanga has been replaced by T Maburutse. Maburutse is claiming that President Mugabe personally appointed her to that office. V Rukainga of Wominaz has also been sidelined although it is not yet clear who will be replacing her. Bopoto from Mashonaland Central has been openly told to step down by an official from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development. She has also received death threats.
From being a woman’s initiative, Tada is now Mutingwende’s personal project with Munzverengwi, Gumba and Muburutse now his puppets. He is now the sole authority. He also claims that he has some high ranking army and police men who are now involved as the directors of Tada. All this was done without any consultation with the women whose vision, money, determination and dedication have seen this programme come this far.
Add to that mess, Mrs Matika of the ZANU PF Manicaland Women’s League has publicly declared that the ZANU PF Women’s League under the auspices of Opah Muchinguri has demanded the pie. She told the apex meeting of 1 July 2013 that the league says that ordinary women cannot lead such a huge project and must step down immediately so that the women league cadres can take over.
During all that time when the four women were tied up with the police, Munzverengwi became treasurer in the apex board and unilaterally took over the finance operations of the companies belonging to the other women beyond the scope of her own uniformed forces which she represented. This is in spite of the companies having their own finance director S Dangarembizi who has now since been made supernumerary.
Now Munzverengwi is demanding that the members pay up more money yet she is the one who earlier on told them that everything was free. The provincial leadership do not know how they can go back to and demand money from the same people to whom they have been branded as embezzlers.
It is also alleged that ZMDC personnel have also put in their stake. On July 3 Thandi Mpofu of ZMDC announced that diamond project will be launched in Bulawayo under the leadership of A Gumbo. She did not explain how ZMDC began to work with Gumbo who was never elected by the women. ZMDC has also shown that they will rather deal with Mutingwende rather than the legally appointed representatives.
The women can now only stand and watch all their hard work drain down the drain as these vultures fronted by Mutingwende, Maburutse, Munzverengwi and Gumba all swoop to reap what they never sowed.
Date of meeting: 1 July 2013.
Venue Jameson hotel
Apex Board Meeting of Miners represented from the provinces
Chairperson: C kunaka 0779530782
Secretary: N Sango Harare Province 0772 815 318
Treasurer: A Mudzwerengwi Assistant Commissioner ZRP
Mashonaland Central: P Bopoto 0772 904 884
Masvingo : B Mutate 0772 905 125
Midland: M Mbanga 0774 928 866
Bulawayo: A Gumba 0772 461 705/0712 253 960
Manicaland: B Matika
Matebeleland: T Nkomo
Mash West: Dzikiti 0775 329 168
Baba Jukwa
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