Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BABA JUKWA........................06/07/2013

Saviour Kasukuwere, the most evil person in my party is organising to unleash terror and violence in Mashonaland Central, working in cahoots with his bastard brother Dick Mafios and Nicholas Goche. Kasukuwere who knows how much he costed the party in the province through pushing his dead agenda of trying to dominate the Province. Kasukuwere and his family have a plan to make Mashonaland Central a family dynasty province and this they want to buttress it by terror and violence.

This time my message is very clear. While we are busy planning to revenge the murder of Chindori Chininga, Kasukuwere must not be allowed to get away will violence this time around. We must also find ways how to revenge against him. I warn him that we know where his kids attend school and he must not be surprised if one disappears before the closure of the school on the 26 th of June. We will hold that child in lieu of any act of violence he perpetrates. If he kills anyone, he will not see his kid again. Be warned you murderous Savior. It's now fire will fire, blood with blood.

In the meantime please warn him through his mobile number 0772601150 that we will be ready to deal with him if he perpetuates one incident of violence.

Pasi na Saviour Kasukuwere, the murderer and violent person!!!

Takapandaka zvamuchese!!!


Baba Jukwa


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