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BABA JUKWA.......................05/07/2013

Zimbabwe you must know that Daniel Tonde Nhepera is the main culprit appointed by Mugabe to work with the NIKUV project. In tampering with names on voters roll and rigging elections. Surprisingly the NIKUV project does not have any website with full information yet they claim to have existed from 45years ago. To all who do not know Daniel Tonde Nhepera, he is a CIO and close associate of Bonyongweand he deputises Bonyongwe but he is mainly based in Kenya and different countries. He is the only war veteran and CIO besides Grace Mugabe’s brother to get Zim dollar 650 901 in 1997 when the war veterans got money for war collaborations. He claimed to have suffered 98 percent disability war injury. He made sure Zanu pf got rid of Livingstone Muzariri after killing Gunda so he became close to Mugabe and was subsequently promoted to work with the NiKUV project at their offices at the Defence House. For now he has tampered already the registration names of people in Chirumanzu with the help of NIKUV project so Mnangagwa can automatically take the Chirumanzu Zibagwe constituency. 

They connived with Mrs Dzimiri the ZEC for Chirumanzu who was given a farm in beatrice and helped the Nikuv Project tamper with the votes.Please phone Nhepera he is now in zim at his Hatfield house, phone him on 0776406359 and phone Mrs Dzimiri on 0775164125 and tell them we now know their evil intentions.They must not sleep, even if they switchoff their phones keep trying them and flood them with messages. More to follow
Baba Jukwa
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Meanwhile, all is not well at Kasukuwere home as he now wants to murder his wife after the wife got angry on why he was involved in assassinating Chininga. As I write now Kasukuwere is at advanced stages of assassinating his wife. The wifehas been giving Kasukuwere a hard time wanting to pack out but Kasukuwere won’t let her go, the reason put forward by his wife is that she can’t stay with a murderer. So he has plotted a movie style of assassination against his wife (clean job) that will make him not a suspect in any case. More information to follow
Another information which Zimbabweans’ whose relatives went missing at Methodist church in the past years will get an opportunity to get a chance to speak to the CIO informer Charamba residing at the church whose task is to frustrate any progress renedered to refugees there or anyone willing to help those people. Will give you more information about Charamba and his numbers so you ask where he and his fellow friends took your relatives or people to.
Again those willing to work with or join GNB must know that the recruitment drive doesn’t entail direct meeting facial with anyone but there are communications methods put in place for operations. Those wishing to know more visit their website and read their manifesto on So don’t be fooled by people saying they will be meeting you for recruitment to GNB.
Also we urge everyone who knows anyone troubling communities to inbox us as our Vapanduki team is on the ground waiting to implement an eye for an eye operation.
Baba Jukwa
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