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BABA JUKWA.......................04/07/2013

Zimbabwe this morning I will be giving you the name of Israel company and their numbers and e-mail addresses who are tasked with manipulating voters roll so that my evil party wins. That is why you see that more than 500 000 people in diaspora are registered as voters because your votes will be cast by CIOs and pronounced as special votes. Please buy airtime a lot of it because I want you to call them and ask why are they practicing their evil in our land. 

They were given a stake in diamonds and in return they are doing what they are good at playing with numbers which all political parties must come with a way of making sure that no rigging happens as I always guide you.
Meanwhile, I see a lot of you are crying for Malawian President numbers, here we go Number yaJoyce Banda +265991092206, start calling her and tell her you are watching her moves of promoting my evil party after she was also given a stake in the blood diamond of Marange.
Baba Jukwa


Of all the provinces, Masvingo Province is the most rotten of all and my party is set to loose in Chivi and Gutu West. Though the province is fully staffed with the Mnangagwa people, it has now totally rebelled that, the Provincial leadership is having rallies of less than 50 people each, if it is a meeting called by Munyaradzi Kereke who has turned generous to bring lorries of foodstuffs. Kereke is dismissed by the Politburo to stand as a candidate in Bikita West because of his rape case, which he bribed Augustine Chihuri from pursuing. He rapped an 11 year old niece some 5 years ago and he has been firefighting, bribing the police from one office to the other and it is this security report which the President used to stop him from contesting on our party ticket. The President asked how a rapist can represent the party in an election. Munyaradzi Kereke has vowed to defy the party and that he will not withdraw his candidature and will push for his election into Parliament but will urge his supporters not to vote for our party's Presidential candidate RG Mugabe. He has asked his supporters to vote for anyone they want who is not Mugabe. This campaign is taking place in many areas where MPs are encouraging people to vote for them but choose a different presidential candidate.

Bhora musango ndoowave mutovo wazvo.

Takapanduka zvamuchese!!!


Baba Jukwa
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My party is busy withdrawing, all those who fielded themselves as independence through persuasion first and if persuasion fails they warn these candidates of dangers awaiting them. Knowing my party as a terrorist organization, few are ready to take the gamble but the writing is already on the wall, that nothing short of miracles will save my party from totally defeat. There will be no run off. It will be the people's victory on the first dot.

But however, like, l said CIO deployees like Alexio Musundure are so occupied with the spirit of denying people their long awaited celebrations by fielding multiple candidates in the wards in Chitungwiza. I still wonder, why the MDC-T is still keeping such a person in the party. He asked me to go and ask the people of Zengeza West on why they didn't vote for Collin Gwiyo, when he is aware that his Simon Chidhakwa was given $27 000.00 to buy people in Zengeza West by Walter Basopo, Deputy Director (Planning and Administration) in the CIO, to influence the overthrow and defeat of any contestant against him. Ignatius Chombo, was also busy topping up the campaign money. Most of the double candidates which Musundire fielded are those councillors who were expelled by the party and some were later suspended by Chombo. Is it not TRUE, that Boniface Manyonganise is expelled by the party and was later suspended by Chombo. According to the Urban Councils Act, if a councillor is suspended by the Minister, he can not contest to be a councillor for a period of five years after the suspension but Musundire held a meeting with Chombo prior to the nomination date to have the suspension rescinded so as to allow these suspended councillors to contest the elections. During the period when Musundure was contesting against James Makore to be the Provincial Chairman of Chitungwiza, $30 000 was given to him from the same office of Walter Basopo, to prop up his campaign. That's is why he was able to book people and delegates in hotels and lodges in Harare, an act which was never afforded by anyone. Musundure hides behind the ownership of a printing company, while we all know that printing of fliers and posters generate money for food on the table only. After his victory to be Chairman, he called for a rally at the Tennis Court, where some of his invited guests were ZANU PF people like Tendekai Maswata who denounced all MDC-T MPs in Chitungwiza. With all the houses Musundure owns in Chitungwiza the Stands were provided by ZANU PF's Tendekai Maswata who is currently my party's candidate for St. Mary's. One mansion Musundure built just behind Chitungwiza General Hospital was provided by the CIO. He has another house in Unit G, Seke, another one in Belvedere and the other one which he is currently staying in Chisipite. Only fools can buy an explanation that it's through hardworking, since he was fired by Gideon Gono from CBZ in the late 1990s after he threatened Gono that he will deal will him as he was a CIO, not knowing the Gono was President Mugabe's personal banker. The level of confusion Musundure is bringing is part of his terms of reference. In Unit J, he has fielded two candidates Amai Usavihwevhu and the TRUE, party's candidate Mai Garatsa, knowing that Mai Usavihwevhu is one of those who have been fired by the party but because he is in love with Amai Usavihwevhu's daughter, sister to Netsai, despite having one of his wives being kept at Tendekai Maswata's house behind Chigovanyika Shopping Centre in St. Mary's and Juliet Goto of CIMAS medical aid's sister in Avenues, he sacrifices everything for the purpose of destroying the people's dreams.

If Musundure continues to challenge me, l will not hesitate to dig deeper into more astonishing details about him. I am giving you Musundure 24 hours to withdraw your double candidates or else l will reveal more about you about MDC people you killed but are alleged to have been carried by my party. Are you not the one responsible for bombing Lucky Parehwa's house in Zengeza 5? Are you not the one responsible for bombing Dickson Tarusenga's house in Manyame Park, the trauma that ended up causing his wife to die.

Musundire withdraw your double candidates in the coming 24hours. In the meantime please phone Musundire on his mobile 0772326829 and tell him to withdraw his double candidates.

Takapanduka zvamuchese!!!

No retreat no surrender!!!

Victory is Certain!!!


Baba Jukwa
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Zimbabwe as I promised that I will give you numbers and e-mails of those responsible of manipulating our constitution so the evil party wins. I want all political parties, civic organisations and young people to make sure this company and its people is chased out of the country with immediate effect. I saw more than a million Zimbabweans in diaspora are complaining that they have never registeredto vote but their names are shockingly appearing in the voters roll, yes the evil people behind this is Nikuv International Projects Ltd which also recently manipulated figures in Kenya and are known for helping evil people and dictators stay in power in Africa. Yes something should be done, this so called special postal voting shouldn’t be allowed for everyone in diaspora as diasporans are left out so no one is special if Zanu operatives operating illegal in neighbouring countries and foreign countries are allowed to vote then everyone in diaspora should vote. When security personnel are voting we need the presence of every parties officials present and security personnel voting secretly also at the presence of SADC and AU observers, we don’t want NIKUV style. To hell with NIKUV can we all make sure that they are sent packing from our land we can’t allow their illegal operations in our soil. A stern warning to Mugabe and his evil people can you send your NIKUV people out now or I will release names and pictures and numbers of your operatives operating illegal in SA, USA, UK, AUSRTALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, BOTSWANA, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE and ZAMBIA. For you NIKUV you have 48 hours to vacate Zimbabwe, or else we will as well expose your illegal operations in the above named countries among other African countries.
Find below means of contacting these NIKUV evil people manipulating our voters roll
The full names of the Jews company is Nikuv International Projects Ltd. Their web address is
Their head office is 8 MASKIT STREET, HERZLIYA, ISRAEL.
TEL +972747176700
FAX +97299519377

Their Harare office is 13 Mount Road ,Avondale Harare
FAX IS +263 4 332904

They also have a Joburg office;
E-mail is

In BOTSWANA their details are
FAX +26773932134
the lady answering their ISREAL office phone is called Sarah and she is rude.

94 Rua 3,BairtroKifca,Municipio da Samba,Luanda
Meanwhile, let’s go out in numbers and buy a copy of The Zimbabwean Newspaper for our weekly column. This week you will be taken through shocking ways put in place to rig and manipulate the election result. Make sure you grab your copy before they finish on streets and those who don’t know this is a weekly paper and I insist that every aspiring councillor, mp, senator and president should make sure that this paper is present in his or her area as it gives news as they are.
Let’s also make sure we register to vote in numbers and also check our names in the voters roll.
Baba Jukwa
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Nekusaterera kwevazhinji mubato rangu, l would like to announce to all and sundry that l have joined the Bhora Musango Team. Today at our Central Committee meeting, there were heavy grumbles from the majority of the delegates when the President was addressing us dead asleep. He was speaking as if he was relieving himself in a toilet. Few individuals are not ashamed to hold our President hostage to continue in power in such conditions of near death. I even told Mandi Chimene that it was high time, we have to come in the open in the near future to tell everyone that " enough of abusing" our liberation war icon. Let him rest peaceful. If you will have anyone in your communities perpetrating violence in the name of the President, please tell him that the President is tired and he wants to rest that's why he is talking of peace. Please don't hesitate to email us on an activities about perpetrators of violence in your communities at or inbox.

Bhora Musango, Ibhola Egangeni!!

Takapanduka zvamuchese!!!


Baba Jukwa
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