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Many people have been asking me about whom l think and predict will win the forthcoming Presidential elections on the 31st of July. As we celebrate our 200 000 plus membership mark, today is the day we carry out our survey on who you will vote, come 31 July. What will come out of this survey is what will be the outcome of the elections. The following are individuals who have successfully filed their nomination papers to contest the for the Office of the President;

1) Robert Gabriel Mugabe ZANU PF
2) Morgan Richard Tsvangirai MDC-T
3) Welshman Ncube MDC
4) Dumiso Dabengwa ZAPU
5) Kisnot Mukwazhi ZDP

We will compile the total number of votes and give you the percentage of what you say will be the outcome of the 31 July election. Please vote by mentioning the name of the candidate your will vote for.

Lets go and get started.




Baba Jukwa
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Zimbabwe I would like to warn some students who are attending KwaZulu Natal University to be very cautious if they are going to the Scholarship beneficiaries’ get-together meeting at state house tomorrow. There is a huge plan to poison the drink of all of the beneficiaries suspected to be working collaboratively with Baba Jukwa. Please be very careful because we still need you in our country.
This plan was hatched by MR BACKMAN and Kasukuwere who aim to take out influential students who have refused being evil.
Baba Jukwa
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It’s sad Zimbabwe that my evil party and its military wing under the name ZNA among other wings like ZRP, CIO and ZPS has taken a decision to dub accessing social network sites like Facebook, WhatsApp or any other means of internet network communications as a punishable offence and this is the idea of the evil Chiwenga, Mnangagwa, Sekeramayi who sent Major Moyo, who addressed the soldiers yesterday afternoon saying they are protecting soldiers from destructive information offered by some unknown characters who are at large being sought by intelligence officers who have been deployed in and around Zimbabwe. These people think they can stop the moving train shame on you instead you creating a lot problems for yourselves, what I can tell you is that more than three quarters of our genuine soldiers are with us in this fight, what you can do is repent before. Soldiers are now told to be an ear of the state because the enemy is within them, giving sensitive information to enemies, information that is correct one way or the other, so they have proof that its one of them in office(soldiers with higher ranks) who have privilege to have access to most operational plans, because before plans are executed someone out there will be knowing every detail, something very confusing and has never happened before in the Army or any Government entity that handles vital information. The major said that people should know that in the army a Command comes from the top, soldiers should not forget that he is a Major taking orders from superiors, it’s not him telling them not to have freedom with their phones, but he is simple delivering orders. After the Parade soldiers whispered to each other"chatsva!" and others were saying no one will ever tell them what to do with their phones!I
Brave soldiers we are nearing where we are heading forget about evil old people, I am always with you and together we will conquer the evil politicians masquerading as commanders. You can access anything at whatever time they are afraid that you now know that they are after protecting their ill-gotten wealth lets blow them off once and for all genuine soldiers we together forever. These people are fighting you soldiers but we will win the battle no one will dismantle new generation and its true soldiers. Let take them out instead now let’s intensify our operations as we do when they do, GNB we know all genuine soldiers we belong in and this is the really soldiers with people at heart
More information to follow
Baba Jukwa


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Zimbabwe it’s sad that Malawian President, Joice Banda who is the incoming SADC chairperson has reached a deal with my evil ZANU PF party to win the elections in exchange her country is given a stake in our diamonds and we are saying nop Joice forget that we Zimbabweans are sending the evil people packing either you like it or not. The Diamond money you are eyeing you won’t get. I will give you more information on the meetings Joice had with her newly found friends. She is not friend of Zimbabwe but friend of evil people. I will be giving you Joice’s contact details soon
Meanwhile, children of our beautiful motherland of Zimbabwe, we will always fight to inform you what my evil party is planning. My party is aware that our candidate Mugabe can’t stand for two hours at a public gathering campaigning so everything has to be fast-tracked to confuse people. Moreover we informed you before that Mnangagwa would like to turn this country into another Burma. He likes diamonds that's why he is now so happy that Mugabe has fallen into his game plan.
I would like to say RIP to Mugabe before it happens. Count 3 months from day of elections and if they succeed to rig elections then the old man is gone. Zimbabwe lets save ourselves from the evil junta and we will also be saving the old man. He may survive for more if the cancer allows. Let’s save our country from the few evil men, less than 500, who are holding 13 million people to ransom.
So we will expose all the dirty plans. Mudede is at the center of everything. You should not have celebrated when Rita Makarau was elected to Chair ZEC. She is part of the game plan. So part of the plan is to use postal votes. Every junior police, army, CIO, prison service and their families have already been forced to apply for postal votes so that they vote 15 days before polling day. That way Mudede would get by how much he still needs to cheat. He is targeting 700 000 from this process. The other group of postal votes include using imagined people staying outside the country on government business. These include students on scholarships, embassy staff etc. My party is good at this, so these foreign postal votes will also add to the local postal votes. They are targeting 20 000 for this. So before elections they want almost 1 million votes to be in their pockets.
You may be interested to know that my party has used foreign postal votes since 1985 but the biggest scandal started at the 1990 elections when my party faced its first biggest challenge from Edgar Tekere's ZUM. Yes I know most of you remember what happened. After all the support that Tekere had throughout the country, ZUM Murambatsvina only managed to get 2 seats (and Pandongapo got 1 seat) in parliament while my part got 117 seats and Tekere only managed to get 413 840 votes as Presidential candidate while Mugabe poled 2 026 976. This was the biggest fraud in the electoral history of our beloved country and they want to do it again this year. Mudede has already set up the plan. So how it would happen is that there is an inflated number of "students" on Presidential Scholarships. South Africa has the biggest number under the so called Presidential Scholarship, so that's why Chris Mushove called all of them to register so that he can deliver the numbers to Mudede. Mudede is not worried about the actual numbers, he just wants proof that there are people then he inflates the numbers. Going back to 1990 the key players were those who were in Cuba and China where a big contingent of students was. In Cuba the schemers was Lazarus Dokora who was in charge of students and Amos Midzi who was the Zimbabwe Ambassador to Cuba and then the late Major General Jevan Maseko.
In China it was Chris Mutsvangwa doing all the dirty work. They would ask for postal votes from home and vote on behalf of students and Embassy staff. The postal votes from Cuba were 1200 in 1990 elections dealing Tekere a big blow in constituencies that he had narrowly led and yet the
number of students in Cuba was far less far less. You can check from Geoffrey Nyarota the actual numbers because he did a good article about it when he was Editor of The Chronicle which led him to be fired by Mugabe. Mutsvangwa delivered 1500 postal votes from China and yet some students had run away from the military scholarship after being beaten by Chinese nationals in the streets. Zimbabwe was sending 400 students to China every year during that time and about 350 to Cuba. So the postal votes were used to decimate ZUM and that's what they are planning this year. It’s a
combination of intimidation and rigging.
As a thank you these schemers have been rewarded big time. Amos Midzi has been enjoying the fruits from my party, former CIO cum Lecturer, Lazarus Dokora has joined the looting crew as Deputy Minister, the late Maseko was enjoying as Governor of Matebeleland North while Chris Mutsvangwa is the main beneficiary, looting diamond money till kingdom come. So they want to use these same tactics this year and the speed with which elections are pushed is exactly so that Zimbabweans have no time to see the cheating.
So this year the game changers are Phelekezela Mphoko, the Ambassador to South Africa and also in Algeria where some CIO operatives are already working there on behalf of a non-existing ambassador. Sahwira would thus want all political parties to start demanding from now that:
(1)Every party must have access to voters. My party refused to allow people in the diaspora to vote advancing the childish argument that we are under sanctions and so our party cannot send people to campaign, so unless the voting process at all embassies is done by ZEC with all political parties allowed to campaign to the prospective voters, then no postal votes should be allowed from foreign countries. Embassies, if they have to be polling stations, must allow observers and all parties must be represented and the ballots counted there and numbers recorded. Please MDC this is serious and urgent take it to SADC.
(2)Every party must be allowed in army, police, prison camps and campaign freely. No party has a right to certain sections of our people and so MDC formations and all political parties must be allowed to sell its policies to all police and army. On voting day, whether early or late ZEC must conduct those elections with observers overseeing the process and agents from all parties contesting elections without commanders looking on what is happening but elections observers. I know my party has planned to say no its "security risk". In that case no one shall be allowed postal vote. Again this demand must go to SADC urgent. But be careful that lady President Joyce Banda (or
what's her name) in Malawi is taking over the reins of SADC next month and she is eyeing diamond money. She is deep in our Party’s pockets. We will give you the details.
Finally we still call upon all opposition parties to seriously consider making sure buses are available in all neighbouring countries tom ferry people in as any people in the diaspora are registered voters, thanks to the rigging system and now everyone must come and vote. Some registered before they left home so make sure they come and vote. We know that some cannot afford transport costs but they want to come. You can harness more than 1 million votes. Let’s all march to victory together. Baba Jukwa and Sahwira are doing their part. Let’s continue liking our backup pages Baba Jukwa the unsilenced and Sahwira waBaba Jukwa.
Also inbox us names of those victimising you countrywide so GNB can help instil peace in the country as politicians in the army’s clothing are ready to defend only their family members and ill-gotten health so we Vapanduki in collaboration with GNB will help deliver Zimbabwe and protect you.
Those who don’t know about this or want to know more can visit:
Let me also warn you Zimbabwe GNB only engage people facial and they don’t talk or chat to people on e-mails or facebook or any form of communications before engaging and meeting up with commanders. I know our evil C.I.Os might want to lure you Zimbabwe ignore them if you want to communicate with GNB you can inbox me and I know what to do, so again ignore anyone telling you he is from or a member of GNB and interested in recruiting you.
Baba Jukwa


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