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BABA JUKWA................................01/07/2013

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Zimbabwe this is an alarm to all former soldiers who deserted the Army, the ex prison warders and ex police officers, to be very careful on who they talk to, where they stay and who they even chat to on social networks, as Mr Mugabe has issued urgent passports to Military Intelligence Officers who will operate illegal in neighbouring and other foreign countries to track down all those went AWOL. But what I can tell you Zim is that Vapanduki train won’t be stopped as we are also supported by people currently serving in all security sectors.
After our assessment in Goromonzi we went to Bindura and Buhera putting all what’s needed and today we are in Mt. Darwin.

No one will ever stop Vapanduki train, it’s high time to cleanse Zimbabwe, our future can’t be destroyed by evil old people and their fellow friends masquerading as army officials as they protect their ill-gotten wealth.
Thank you a lot for the support you are giving Zimbabwe, the speed and support that we are gathering from you proves you need a democratic Zimbabwe together we will make it without fail.
All those interested to know our operations or who we are look at our website
More information to follow
Baba Jukwa
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How can the MDC-T allow this nonsense to continue happening again in their party. They must open their eyes to see what is happening around them. The CIO deployee to the party one Alexio Musundire has continued with his scotched earth destructive policy of fielding multiple candidates from the party in several wards in Chitungwiza to save his friends who were among the expelled corrupt councillors in the dormitory town. Musundure who has been working with the CIO for many many years since he was working at CBZ, is part of the deployees of the CIO to the party who included Gabriel Chaibva whose majority of family members work for the organization. Their role and duty is to employ destructive dirty tactics, causing confusion and tension always. Gabriel Chaibva once caused a well rewarded confusion when the party was electing its Harare Provincial Executive at the Adelaide Acres in 2004, when party members fought against each other with axes and knobkerries, when other party members like Edwin Mushoriwa had to escape death by hiding in the toilet. Chaibva is the one who was orchestrating this pandemonium. Even the late MDC Provincial Youth Chairman for Harare Mukwasi got involved in that violence not knowing that it was Chaibva's work. This is the same role Alexio Musundure is supposed to play. That is the reason why his perpetuation of terror and violence against people in his own party is well documented. In 2008 MDC-T had double candidates in all wards in Chitungwiza, just to cause confusion among the electorate. Unashamedly, he has done the same again this time around in 11 wards with double candidates from MDC-T and one with even 3 candidates. Even in the selection of Members of Parliament, he was de campaigning all sitting MPs in Chitungwiza Province promoting and campaigning for his attaches from my party like Simon Chidhakwa aka SIFRA who is a well connected player in my party and a close relative of the thief of thieves Ignatius Chombo. This Chidhakwa holds a lot of land in trustee of Chombo. He has a Shopping Complex near Zengeza 2, Shopping Centre which has named SIFRA Village which he is holding in shares with Chombo. All that land he has constructed that Complex was given to him on the behest of Chombo. He has another same compex in Kuwadzana, where Chombo pushed again to have get that land. Simon Chidhakwa aka SIFRA owns other swathes of land in Chitungwiza and Harare which they are in the process of developing in patnership with the thief of thieves Ignatius Chombo. His Zengeza 2, Shopping Complex is built next to Lisbon Marufu aka Mbizi's night club which is just next to each other who is my party's candidate for Zengeza West constituency. The two are close friends and they obtained the that land to built their complexes and night clubs from the power of Chombo. Lisbon Marufu is a relative of our First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe nee Marufu. They are tight friends. That's where the party should have questioned why Musundure was de campaigning Collen Gwiyo, who is a committed party cadre for Simon Chidhakwa. It's better to have your committed cadre than a rich inflitrator who will cause unprecedented despair in the party.

If the party doesn't deal with Alexio Musundure aka Giant, they shall be shocked in the future nemashura aachakuitirai. Batai aya manzwi.

Takapanduka zvamuchese!!!


Baba Jukwa
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"Shame on you Augustine Chihuri, enjoy your last days in office"

Vana ve Zimbabwe you have reasons to celebrate when evil people are slowly seeing that the train is unstoppable, Dydimus Mutasa has hinted joining Vapanduki Crew after the Mnangagwa faction want to isolate him. But we won’t just welcome him with free hands. It could be a bait to know who Baba Jukwa and Sahwira wa Baba Jukwa is. We are not fools. But surely, we have reasons to celebrate. First test to see if he is genuine is what you shall get soon; more juicy news. Mutasa says to me he is tired of kneeling before Mugabe and always hiding from Chiwenga and Mnangagwa’s goons who are always killing our people daily. He was thinking by now he will be on top but his chances are getting slimmer by day. Sahwira and Baba Jukwa have already told you of the junta plan which does not include Mutasa. They want to rig elections through using Police, army, CIO's to vote twice and also manipulating names of voters and even voting for people in Diaspora as they are already in the voters roll as they were registered by CIOs. They hand over power to the power hungry old man who has exceeded official retirement age by 25 years plus. Then they do kadhishu to him within six months. Mnangagwa, who will be First Vice President, then takes over and Muatsa is no where near this plan.
Ignatious Chombo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Chiwenga are the people who masterminded the deliberate sidelining of people not aligned to the junta during Primary elections. Now those sidelined are fuming and are with vapanduki, never ever pardon or engage these greedy individuals, just contest and cross the floor to progressive people who will be willing to work with you. So Mutasa is not alone. They asked me to communicate this to all Vapanduki. They thought this rigging should only be done to formations of MDC but when it is done to them then they can’t take it any more. Musanyeperwe ne Herald when they say some people withdrew from the Primaries race at the last hour; people like Mr Fat face Martin Dinha. What a spin by the Herald nhai. Martin was told kuti you are next after Chindori Chininga. He received a phone call last night, ndiripo ini Jukwa and I tell you some people in my party are cruel to others but are cowards. You should have seen Martin Dinha's face. I didn’t check his underwear to see if all was well. Then proof he told us he was out. Asijiki next thing he phones a Herald journalist. I tried to persuade him akaramba.
Meanwhile the plans to rig the elections are now in the open. The Police, army, CIO, Prisons and their wives and relatives who are staying in camps will vote 15 days before polling day in front of their commanders and will be forced to vote for ZANU(PF). They have all been forced to apply for "postal votes" which will be poured on the constituencies where MDC would have won. Then on polling day they vote again together with you and being given first preference to enter the polling booths since "they are on duty". They will delay varimo mu booth to vote until sunset and you shall go home due to frustration. So when my party agreed on a one day vote, thats what they had in mind and they are practicing it during the process of registering people preparing your minds for delays especially in towns. Mudede has already planned to allow very few people to vote in town. But I know vana ve Zimbabwe we are strong. Lets plan to stand there until we vote even if it means voting middle of the night. Hatitakurei mbuva yedu kuma polling stations. Kusiri kufa ndekupi. Its hope hope hurray this time. They dont know by how much they have to cheat so even the 700 000 they are targeting will not be enough. No one whom they called "alien" has sympathy over them and we already have more than a million country wide. Handei navo.

Sahwira is fuming vana ve Zimbabwe. Cde Chindori Chininga declared a liberation war hero and our party leader did not even send condolence messages to the qhawe lama qhawe. You may be surprised why we are angry with the old man. We still feel pity for him as they drag him to his last days on earth giving him last praises so that his name can be used to cheat the elections. We are angry with him that he fears Chiwenga so much that he had to withdraw the condolence message that he had prepared just because some stupid CIO's gave him the piece that Sahwira wrote about the planned statement at Heroes Acres that Jonathan Moyo had drafted. Yes, it is true that Jonathan Moyo, the homosexual had drafted a speach to be read at Heores Acre while burrying our Hero Chininga. We exposed that and then the junta made a u-turn not to declare him a hero. Hanzi hee ange achishanda nemhandu. But to Vapanduki Jazz Band, Chindori Chininga is a true son of the soil. Who cares that he is not buried together with whores, bitches, thieves and murderers.
Augustine Chihuri, Augustine Chihuri. You see when you reach a point of desperation; you lose your mind to the extent that you think the world does not exist. Today, did you see how state money was used with the Police being used as Polling Agents of my party countrywide? Police and Army vehicles were the ones that carried ballot papers, the little available? Now let’s suppose some Police Officers had done that when MDC-T was conducting its primary elections, where would they have ended up being? In jail right? So Augustine Chihuri has no reason to continue pretending to be the Head of Police Services. But Jukwa just liked the chaos in my party. Hararara chaiyo. It’s nice today that Vapanduki Jazz Band has thousands of recruits. Everywhere I have visited is saying enough. Sahwira told you, the Vapanduki gospel is here to stay until we deliver our country to eternity. And message to CIO's just take the damn diamond money but don’t lie to Chiwenga that you killed Chininga who was Baba Jukwa. But you shall see Chindori's avenging spirits soon. Thank you to the family for doing the rituals. Tichaonerera vamwe vachidya butsu sa Mugabe who when the spirit of Tongogara visits anotanga kuruma bhutsu nemazino. Tozvireva.
Baba Jukwa
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Zimbabwe as I told you that we wont leave any stone unturned it has come to my desk that all those people in Diaspora who saw their names registered while they didn’t register to vote are being targeted as to be used in that special Postal votes system. All opposition parties wake-up now, I have received over 50 000 messages of people in foreign lands complaining that their names are registered while they have never even registered or voted before. Some of those names are scattered countrywide so to confuse voters while the evil party benefit out of it. Let’s all work together and show these evil old people that their time is up now. More information to follow on this one but that is what is bound to happen if we don’t work collectively as progressive Zimbabweans.
Meanwhile, our team have been investigating the Indigenisation saga and we can gladly confirm that less than 500 youths countrywide have received the money which is always said that it’s spent on them. Those who received the low amount of so-called loans given to youths ranged from $300-$500 for ordinary people who do sympathises with my evil party, $500-$1000 those with structures of my evil party, $5000 upwards for all young people who their parents are of Zanu pf background. As long as your father is linked to Zanu you don’t submit any application, but you only submit your account details. The country has more than 8 million young people all suffering and Kasukuwere eating that money alone and his friends and telling you that his party is empowering you, while he gives another money to MR BACKMAN who always gives his back to him. Please Zimbabwe don’t be fooled on the so-called Indeginisation programme we need everyone to benefit but if all these evil people exists in our political landscape you will all suffer the way you have never suffered before. They now come give you few cents to appease you just because it’s election time. Let’s send Kasukuwere packing along his evil people and let everyone benefit in our resources.

Baba Jukwa
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