Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ok for his face, don't forget him. Always master him on streets, Fidelis Fengu

 is seen standing here with Sikhanyiso Ndlovu

Baba Jukwa shared a status.
My children do a follow-up on this dangerous man. Keep calling him and demand answers
My children, I am angry and when I am angry I leave no stone unturned. One of your brothers doesn’t want to listen. To me and I have tried even telling him to be quiet; unfortunately he keeps talking thereby pushing me to talk. Please behave yourselves, because I can expose you like what my wife is doing. This son of me is Fidelis Fengu, a fierce but quiet and hard to dictate ZANU (PF) operative. His operation name is Chigure and his call sign is Foxtrot Echo Delta 6. Please beware of him he is extreme dangerous giving his physical abilities you might think he is an honest man. He is extremely intelligent and very good with psycho analysis and criminal personality profiling please be careful towards him. He is also used to launder money by Zanu officials through Malawi and Kenya banks. Do you want me to give you more information on my prodigal son?
If you want more information call him on 0774 886 184 or 07737261313.

Baba Jukwa shared a status.
Keep calling him
As I promised my children I will give you Big Stomach's numbers. Ask him whatever you want about Diamonds and ZMDC.......Don't let him sleep call him continuously. He owes you an explanation, some of you are suffering in foreign lands while he is enjoying with his wives.....Call him now Obert Mpofu-----0712865601


Baba Jukwa shared a status.
They dispersed your peaceful march yesterday in demand of release of Mthethwa, please call the police boss and find out why. His numbers are there.
People are being tormented, police doing as they please on you my children, I hear you all crying that Chihuri’s numbers are not going through. Please call his boss Minister of Home Affairs and talk to him on all your problems. Let’s direct address issues to the leaders. Call Minister of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi and hear why people like Kasukuwere and Mpofu are not arrested while an innocent soul of lawyer Beatrice Mthethwa languishes in prison. Call him now until you get answers, Mohadi- 0712 605 424
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Baba Jukwa
Vanangu, Saviour Kasukuwere started to be greedy when he was stationed in Mutare as a junior CIO, when he engaged in abominable homosexual activities with whites who were based in Nyanga and Mutare. Homosexuality is abominable to our party policies. He threatened one of his homosexual partners with exposure and arrest that he extorted haulage trucks from him which became his first business venture. The man is currently at the centre of the NIEEBGATE scandal where he extorted millions of dollars defiling our indigenisation programme. Kasukuwere is a homosexual thief and criminal. Please call him on 00263772601150 and why he continues practising homosexuality against the principles of our party and where he has put the nation's 250million dollars from the NIEEBGATE Scandal
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