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BABA JUKWA.......................04/04/2013

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Yesterday we revealed the really identity of Amai Jukwa. Since then we have been receiving a lot of inbox threat messages. Someone is really angry and they have even gone to an extent of hacking our account, but with your contributions we quickly managed to win it back before they could close it. Meanwhile, we have opened a Twitter page and please everyone wherever you are try and have (open) a twitter account so that we link both our pages for security reasons. All those who missed out on the exposing of Amai Jukwa you may ask your friends they will update you or you can ask your friends to paste our yesterday’s Twit where we exposed him as it still has the entire information on Amai Jukwa identity. He even in-boxed us swearing and declaring war and also begging us not to interfere with his operations in future.
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Baba Jukwa shared a link.

Maswerasei good people.In the morning we posted this update and our account was hacked and it was deleted by the man we exposed as Amai Jukwa yesterday. Don’t forget him always remember and update your statuses telling people on who he is. Now let’s focus: Insanity has taken new heights in the world of make belief my wife Amai Jukwa is now living on. Who in our party doesn't know that there is no land reform programme my party can talk about. She knows well that we started beating people in the farms and many women were raped because we were angry that we lost the 2000 Constitutional Referendum to the people of Zimbabwe who did not have a buy into the poison sale, we brought to them. We knew the Referendum defeat was a precursor to what was coming to the forthcoming elections which were supposed to be held in March 2000. Amai Jukwa also knows that we had to postpone those elections that were due in March in 2000 to June 2000, to give ourselves time to beat people into submission.
For 20 years if the party genuinely believed in a genuine land reform programme, the Lancaster
House Agreement of willing buyer and willing seller ended in 1990. The invasion we did which we are currently passing for Land Reform programme was a rapid response to the people's rebuttal of the state of affairs. Despite this my estranged wife knows that right straight from our Gushungo, we
all have more than one farm. Gushungo Holdings has more than 10 farms in Mash Central, West and
East, Manicaland and Matabeleland North. Obert Mpofu has 5 farms, Joseph Made 4, Late John
Nkomo 3, Patrick Chinamasa 3, the late General Mujuru 8, Constantine Chiwenga 5, Perence Shiri 4,
Emmerson Mnagagwa 6, Jonathan Moyo 3, Saviour Kasukuwere 3, Dzikamai Mavhaire 3, Happyton
Bonyongwe 4, Christopher Mushowe 3. The list is endless. Yes land redistribution was inevitable but
the greedness done by our chefs cannot go unnoticed. The million peasants are still squatting
in derelict land when the chefs are owning all this land, most of which are not being utilized. Poor
villagers did not benefit. The instalment on indigenisation to follow.
Meanwhile our Twitter account is up and running tell all your friends of it:
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