Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BABA JUKWA..................................29/03/2013

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Good-morning vanangu, dad wishes you all a blessed and super Easter Holiday. Please, open up your eyes and check your backs as some of the evil targeted operations will be carried out during this period so that they are linked to this holiday. Today we will firstly look at what we term ‘extreme fornication’ which is biblical condemned.

 My estranged wife constantly attacks Prime Minister Tsvangirai on his private sexual life (without telling our family supporters that our PM wasn’t married while sleeping and searching for his soul mate), while I personal don’t support constantly changing of relationships when looking for a life partner as my poor wife did by dumping me here on cyber life. I want the world to have a look at this- Who is better or evil between a man who searches for a perfect lady to marry by constantly changing girl-friends until he gets what he wants or the one who impregnates or takes other people’s wives and destroys other people’s marriages? Let’s bear in mind that natural all man always passes through that phase of changing women while searching for a perfect life partner and let us not be hypocrites on that one. As for me it’s unfortunate that my estranged myopic wife (Amai Jukwa) is gay and talks too much of complete man Tsvangirai. Read and follow this link,
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