Friday, June 28, 2013

BABA JUKWA.............................17/04/2013

Two weeks ago we exposed gay lawyer-cum-Journalist Garande who goes by the name Amai Jukwa. It is very sad that the same evil character is now trying to play with people's minds and seem happy about Gukurahundi. Previously I said it that Zimbabweans should mobilise and approach UK Immigration officials to deport him. Few days ago he was busy peddling lies about Welshman Ncube in my inbox begging me to expose Ncube on unfounded allegations, as our policy is 'we don't expose people without evidence'. He was alleging that the leader of MDC raped and impregnated the daughter of the late Gibson Sibanda and forced her to abort. Garande further went on to say the girl is now mental disturbed since then and that when Jama died they were not talking to each other with Ncube. 
He further went on to say Ncube always books a hotel in Johannesburg's Berea Hotel where he sleeps with school children. He again mentioned that recently Ncube impregnated a form three student from Evelyn High school in Bulawayo and forced her to abort leading to her death and that Ncube is now threatening the deceased pupil family with death if the take any action. Please let us look at these forces like Garande who always enjoy people's misery. More than 20 000 people we killed during Gukurahundi and that is a fact. Whether Garande likes it or not we will continue asking for donations to further our cause.
Baba Jukwa

Next topic in our episode of clever lies is Gukurahundi. It was an unfortunate time in our history when dissidents tried to rip the country apart on tribal grounds.

3000 people died in Matebeleland. May they rest in peace.

Today we hear reports that 30000 died, some say 20000. It is now called a genocide and we are told that Mugabe is a black hitler who wanted to exterminate another tribe.

Were do they get these numbers from? The original catholic commission report made clear that it could only certify 3000 deaths and did not have evidence for the exaggerated 20 000 deaths.
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