Friday, June 28, 2013

BABA JUKWA............................16/04/2013

Good morning beautiful Zimbabwe. It is our right as a community to boycott consumption of products that we know are substandard. Baba Jukwa has launched a campaign to boycott the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation(ZBC) until Happison Muchechetere has revoked his directive to the reporters and employees of what is supposed to be a national broadcaster. The message must go to Happison loud and clear that ZBC does not belong to our party only but to all Zimbabweans. People register your protest to Happison Muchechetere now through his direct line 00263 4 498940 and mobile 00263712883820 or email:

It is upon ourselves to demand media freedom now. My party ZANU PF does not own ZBC. ZBC is the public broadcaster belonging to all of us and Happison must stop the nonsense he is directing reporters to do.

Pasi newe Happison Muchechetere

You are Zimbabwe's number one in promoting hate speech and animosity among Zimbabweans by directing your reporters to vilify other Zimbabwean political players. Reach us on our PayPal account: to make our online publication a reality.

Tapanduka zvamuchese


Baba Jukwa


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