Friday, June 28, 2013

BABA JUKWA.....................................14/04/2013

Let’s not be distracted by those who come and insult people on this platform. Opinions are extremely welcome here, but insults lead to unapologetic banning by our admin. Asijiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! together we will remove the rot in our party. Let me assure you, no one will ever get me, they only managed to interfere with our page and reporting our postings to facebook and it ended there. I assure you will know me in a new Zimbabwe where our government will be transparent.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that his is not my fight only but for the generality of our people, so as to create a free society. When l opted to engage in the fight truly, it was after serious consideration and commitment. You brought good ideas through your inboxes to make Baba Jukwa the Media and Information Centre that must play a major role in publicising the excesses of those who are opposed to the diversity of our being and now let us go for it united. We will fearlessly continue doing what we have been doing until all the truth is out. There shall be continued outpour of news as we try to expose those who will impose the politics of fear, murder and terror in our community and societies. We are half way through with our preparation to unveil our online newspaper, the Honestly, Tinashe, Timothy and Osborne the contribution you made to make this dream come TRUE, has reached our PayPal Account yesterday and as to your suggestion, we hereby put our PayPal Account to our supporters for anybody who wish to contribute here. The Paypal, account contributions can be paid through the email account:

We will have our fellow intelligence office providers of happenings in all our 10 provinces who will monitor and feed any activities intended to injure our people. The more they are exposed the more they know, time is running out for them. Be the forth to contribute from what Tinashe, Osborne and Timothy has done. No amount of obstacles will stop us to accomplish the mission.


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