Friday, June 28, 2013

BABA JUKWA...........................13/04/2013

Hey, good Zimbabweans, we have to have a bit of understanding on how our intelligence operate. Yesterday vanga vakandisona. The whole day it was Operation Catch Baba Jukwa. The Mazoe Transmission Signal Centre was under strict survellance until last night, to get signal of the location of my account's signal. I didn't disappear. I had to be extra careful. Walter Basopo, Director counter intelligence was stuck at the Mazoe Transmission Station and truly they wrongly arrested two guys working at the party Headquarters for interrogation. Their whereabouts are still unknown but by end of day, l would know where they are being tortured. I invoked serious anger after my politburo meeting feedback. They are now seriously hunting for me. In war there is what is called strategic retreat. You will get all you need. Gukurahundi is coming. Zvangazvakaoma zuro. But there will never be a retreat or surrender. Takatopanduka zvamuchese, and will never give them an opportunity to catch me.


Baba Jukwa

Gogo’s issue goes on……As I promised you that more is coming. People are asking the name of the traditional doctor, she is just called Gogo they don’t say her name in-front of soldiers guarding there or anyone. No wonder why vakaisa dura wall to protect soldiers and their families from seeing the woman I think she might be 47- 50yrs old.
Kufarm kwakarohwa an about 70 people including pregnant women vairohwa nematanda nebutt reAK kutsikwa nejombo some of the women were stabbed with bionettes on their private parts. The platoon was commanded by Lt Peula now a Captain. You can call him why he did that with his men to our people
More to follow
Baba Jukwa


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