Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BABA JUKWA..........................03/04/2013

Good morning, good people of our beautiful Zimbabwe. Anjin Ltd, a company that is constructing a Hotel in the swamp area near the National Sports Stadium near Belvedere, has been involved in mining diamonds in Chiadzwa in partnership with our military through their investment arm the Zimbabwe Defense Industries, which Rtd Col Tshinga Dube is the frontman. The same company has built another top Hotel in Mutare on the mountain side soon after Mutare Teachers' College. This company has been mining in Chiadzwa for the past 5 and 1/2 years without tax rebate to the treasury. It is currently purchasing 5000 vehicles for our party for the coming elections and have put aside 500 million US dollars to oil our party's campaign. All vehicles similar to the CAMs and Mahindras are being bought from China and India. These vehicles are in addition to the 500 Moxon of the Meikles Hotel and departmental stores have already donated. You will realize that there is going to be a lot of money that is going to be splashed around and some of it is promised as financial harbingers by Amai Jukwa to rob and steal your conscience. If you have the conscience take the money and use it to expose the primitive nature how national resources that must benefit everyone could be used to buy the heart, soul and mind of Zimbabweans. This is not their mother's money. It is the people 's money that is being abused. Don't be silent when your money is used to oil the machinery that will either kill you or your relative. I know the Anjin Chinese Hotel which was built at the cost of 300 million dollars will be burnt down by relatives of those people who will be killed on the behest of the financial windfall funding terror and violence. That Hotel must not see the election period as it will be the habour of terrorists who will be killing our people. We will play our party to sabotage them from the rear.

Your loving Daddy

Baba Jukwa


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