Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BABA JUKWA..........................25/03/2013


Sydney Sekeramayi and Saviour Kasukuwere together with the Director-General of the Central Intelligence Organization CIO, Happyton Bonyongwe attempted to assassinate the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe RBZ Governor Gidion Gono, a plot that was foiled by one of the top CIO Operatives Edward Svosve who had to hid Gidion Gono at the exact time of assassination. Edward Svosve had to assist Gidion Gono to run away from the country to Egypt where he arrived yesterday Sunday in the afternoon. As we speak, Gono, is entangled in the Egyptian capital Cairo contemplating the next move. He has send an SOS to all his friends for assistance throughout the world including the President of Zimbabwe. The politics of murdering each other has reached uncivilized levels. Kasukuwere and Sekeramayi, stop killing Gono. You have spilled a lot of blood. Please phone them on their numbers we gave you on our last posting to stop it


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