Monday, March 1, 2010

Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children- WHY DID YOU KILL MY DAD...Today, 21:00 on BBC Four

Shot entirely undercover over the course of nine months, a beautiful and moving documentary which tells the stories of three children growing up in today's Zimbabwe.

12-year-old Grace rummages through rubbish dumps in Harare to find bones to sell for school fees; nine-year-old Esther has to care for her baby sister and her mother who is dying of HIV/AIDS; and 13-year-old Obert pans for gold to make enough money to buy food for himself and his gran, while dreaming of somehow getting the education he craves.

From BAFTA-winning director Jezza Neumann and BAFTA-winning producer, Xoliswa Sithole, a powerful tale unfolds of the gaping chasm between what these children hope for and what their country can currently provide.

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Esta, Grace and Obert are just four of many hundreds of thousands of children struggling to survive in Zimbabwe. It is difficult for British charities to operate in Zimbabwe, but some are helping children like those featured in the film.

Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children

Since filming finished, the production team of Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children have put in place measures to help the children they filmed.
Find out about the fund set up by the production team to help these specific children 

Nine-year-old Esther, at home with her mother.

Michelle and Grace, both aged 12, are seen collecting bones.


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