Sunday, October 18, 2009


Roy must die, we demand JUSTICE, Zanu PF MUST deliver justice for the blood spilt.

Remember Rhodesia?

They were an Aparthied white minority state that held its black African majority as slaves and second class citizens.

When the Revolution came -these Rhodesian scum knew that in the long run they were fighting a losing battle in a war that would eventually bring down Aparthied in RSA (South Africa).

The Rhodesian "green beret" -the Selous Scouts dug in for a serious psychological war in which the seeds of African division would be planted.
The Nyadzonia Massacre in Mozambique was instructive of the Rhodesian scum methodology.
The Selout Scous were comprised of white and black mercenaries whose main focus was PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONs.

Nyadzonia was a refugee camp inside Mozambique for Black Africans fleeing the war inside Rhodesia.

This camp was reconned by the Rhodesian Selous Scouts and knew there were no combatants in this camp.

The Scouts donned revolutionary garb and pretended to be ZANLA (ZANU soldiers) .They shouted and sang revolutionary songs and gathered the refugees in the center of the camp with white Selouts in black camouflage makeup to conceal their skin colour and the African Selous taking the lead.

With everyone assembled -the Selous Scouts murdered everyone with heavy calibre anti-aircraft guns.

They left Revolutionary leaflets lying around amid the corpses of murdered African women,men and children to FRAME the revolutionaries..

It almost worked until UN investigators found the shell casings from anti-aircraft guns that the African Revolutionaries (ZANU/ZANLA) had no access to.

These type of operations occurred ALL over SOUTHERN African before and AFTER 1980.

The seed of the LIE was planted so assholes like Tsvangirai could play the "genocide" card.


The best part about the creatured who was the author of that little rant is that ''it'' is resident in the UK.....''mugabe'' has succeeded with the help of the West to divide and conquer Zimbabwe by putting colour against colour and tribe against tribe.....

Everybody get one thing straight now ''mugabe,em and the generals'' are going no where....the have the most power and they will hold on it at any price and pissy whilly little supposed to be travel sanctions or any other kind of sanctions aren't going to change anything....

The West buggered up the whole ''mugabe'' business when they decided to catch a hissy fit and have tantrums about the land and the White farmers.......

The UK etc knighted the man and entertained him at their tables while he slaughtered thousands of Black Ndebele's...the only time the West got all uppity was when he started with the White what the West is saying is that a White person is way more important than a Black person......

Thank you to the West us White Zimbabweans are now targets.......


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