Thursday, October 15, 2009

TAKE ACTION for Roy Bennett...he was arrested again today...

TAKE ACTION – and please circulate this call to action widely.

Call Johannes Tomana and tell him that you are following this case very closely and that you are horrified by his decision to keep Roy Bennett imprisoned. Advise him that you are contacting your MPs in your country and asking them to take action on behalf of Roy Bennett. Tell Tomana that you will be advising your MP that the man in charge of this miserable travesty of justice is Johannes Tomana.

Please be calm and polite when you speak to Tomana. It is important that he understands you are coolly and calmly rational about this affair and that you are determined to pursue justice to the end on behalf of Roy Bennett.

Please do not allow your justifiable feelings of anger and frustration to obscure the central point of your message. Your message is that you will not stand by and do nothing in the face of the gross injustice shown to Roy Bennett ! Make sure Johannes Tomana understand this very clearly.

Johannes Tomana’s telephone number is publicly available in the phone book, so give him a call!
Tel:   00 263 (04) 499617

If you cannot speak to Tomana, please politely ask the person you do speak to to pass on your message.

Keep trying again and again until you get through.


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