Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hijackers challenge the Task Force at their peril!...SA

Oryx helicopter pilots were busy with training ops in conjunction with the task force in Bloemfontein
• A call came in of an attempted hijacking and probable casualty on the Bloemfontein road.
• They touched down after their exercise when the call came in, and took off almost immediately.
• The incident happened somewhere on the Bloemfontein road, but with the following incidents in sequence:

1: Call comes in and they radio that ETA is approx. 3.5 minutes.
2: 3 minutes after take off they spot a Q7 doing about 180km/h on a gravel road
3: Coming down to about 3 meters above ground level next to the Q7 they confirm the suspects
4: They fly out in front of them and attempt to land in the gravel road to stop them… the Q7 heads for Oryx and they pull up.
5: They reach the Bultfontein road and turn onto tar, now they are doing 250km/h
6: Again they come down to about 3 meters next to the Q7 running flat taps
7: The next moment the suspects pull out 4 AK47’s
8: All hell breaks loose and the winners are: TAAAAASK FOOOOOOORCE!


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