Friday, August 28, 2009

More pics of President Zuma's arrival in Harare last night

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, right, gives a toast to visiting South African President, Jacob Zuma, left, during a state banquet hosted in Harare Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009. Zuma's visit to Zimbabwe comes within the context of South Africas commitment to assisting Zimbabwe's inclusive government in implementing the Global Political agreement.

British man abuses, tortures Zim woman in Afghanistan

A 33-year old Zimbabwean woman, Gamuchirai Mandebvu, who got a job as a customer services officer in Afghanistan through the internet has returned home in a wheelchair after being physically abused and tortured in that country.

Gamuchirai left Zimbabwe for Afghanistan early this year to work for a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) subsidiary company, Supreme Retail Services, which supplies goods to NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

Gamuchirai was allegedly abused and subjected to torture by one British man, John Nestor Bergmann, the company’s Human Resources and Training Officer Manager, after she complained to her superiors about harassment by one of her supervisors.

Speaking on behalf of Gamuchirai who has lost speech, her uncle, Piniel Mandebvu, said Gamuchirai was locked up by Bergmann but managed to escape.

She was then smuggled from Afghanistan to Dubai in a Cargo Plane before coming back home aboard a Kenyan Airways plane.

Her aunt, Idah Mupamhanga, called on the Zimbabwean government to engage Interpol to investigate the case.

I hope that some one does something about this....this is just disgusting.....


justice is always served ! This man thinks he has fooled those around him.... don't be fooled by your arrogance Mr Bergmann!

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