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Pics and news.......19/05/09

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe attends the opening of the Short-Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP) in Harare March 19, 2009, meant to see way of easing the current economic crisis facing the country. Zimbabwe is talking to the United States and European Union over the repeal of sanctions, according to an economic policy document, the first sign the new government may be gaining the confidence of Western powers.

 Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe addresses the opening of the Short-Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP) in Harare March 19, 2009,

A Banket farmer was beaten on his farm last Friday, by the son of a top political official set on taking over the farm. Patrick Stooks received serious facial injuries after being repeatedly punched and then hit in the face with the butt of a shotgun. The official, Philip Chamboko, who holds a political role at the Zimbabwean embassy in Tokyo, has been trying since last year to remove the Stooks from their land.
The elderly mother of a commercial farmer has become the most recent victim of violent attack, as the countrywide offensive to remove the remaining farmers off their land continues. The 80-year-old mother of Chinhoyi farmer Murray Potts was severely assaulted by police on Monday when they arrested her son for being on his land ‘illegally’.

Mugabe’s war veteran arrested for theft.

Jabulani Sibanda aligned war veteran, Andrew Ndlovu has been arrested for stealing over 8 000 tonnes of wheat.

Ndlovu, a former chairman of the war veterans association, allegedly stole his neighbour’s 8 840 tonnes of wheat after he harvested the crop during and sold it to the Grain Marketing Board.

He was charged with theft as defined by section 113 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform and was remanded to 29 May.

Ndlovu of 13301 Nkulumane and Plot 2, Lot 7 appeared before magistrate Sithembiso Ncube.

Ndlovu and the complainant Sibekithemba Mafengu share the same plot had all planted wheat but Ndlovu Ndlovu allegedly took a combine harvester and harvested her wheat during last year’s winter crop.

The war veteran who unleashed terror on MDC opponents in the past decade then sold it to the Grain Marketing Board and converted the money to his own sue. Jabulani Sibanda, the leader of Robert Mugabe's group of war veterans in Bulawayo  could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print.

Chinotimba hits back at Minister Mzembi.

HARARE – Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLWVA), vice chairman, Joseph Chinotimba, has blasted Tourism minister Walter Mzembi for accusing him of tarnishing the country's image by leading fresh land invasions.

Mzembi told a National Economic Forum recently that Chinotimba and other war veterans, who are currently invading farms, were discouraging potential investors as the inclusive government battled to secure crucial financial lifelines.

But in a hard-hitting statement on Tuesday made available to RadioVOP, Chinotimba said Mzembi had no right to reproach him, as he was a newcomer in ZANU PF.

"The Honourable Minister should be reminded that war veterans, of late, have not been getting their pensions and schools feels for their children and these issues have not be addressed despite several efforts on our part,” said Chinotimba.

“As learned as he is, I would have expected him to be professional by engaging war veterans and try to give constructive ideas and solutions to their plight than to try and please his audience at the conference by attacking me,” he said.

Chinotimba reminded Mzembi that war veterans played a leading role in repossessing land from the whites.

“And I am in no doubt that the honourable Minister Mzembi is one of those who immensely benefited. For Mzembi to try and be a good boy today at the expense of war veterans’ welfare is very unfortunate and unexpected from a man of his competence. If the truth be told the Honourable Minister Mzembi is the least qualified to preach to the war veterans because he is just a young guy in the party who surfaced after the death of Cde Zvobgo.

Is Mzembi aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of war veterans who are reeling in poverty around the country? he said.

Chinotimba said he was very angry that Mzembi told the media not to cover him or war veterans.

“Maybe Mzembi believes he is the only one who should be given media coverage because he is unique and superior. Being a son-in-law to a foreign land does not make the Honorable Minister peculiar.” Mzembi is married to a Cuban national.

Chinotimba warned that war veterans would march to Mzembi’s office to have their problems solved because “he knows it all when it comes to repair the country’s battered image. “One again, let me give a stern warning to the Honourable Minister to stop attacking me and war veterans.”


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