Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Analysis: The MDC's powerlessness in the GNU/GPA exposed

Mugabe has failed to silence ZANU-PF hardliners who have been working behind the scenes to derail the inclusive govt.

The MDC 'complained' Tuesday at the arrest of MDC and human rights activists by ZANU-PF aligned cadres. The activists are accused by ZANU-PF officials who control the police, the army and the secret service with the justice ministry of trying to overthrow the illegal Mugabe regime last year.

Most of the 18 that have been thrown in jail today had been released on bail in recent weeks in the spirit of reconciliation following the MDC's joining of the GNU government.

But ZANU-PF officials opposed to the inclusive govt., who have been working behind the scenes, have become bolder and today they arrested the former political detainees.

The more than a dozen detainees, including Jestina Mukoko, were abducted last year at the behest of Security Minister Didymus Mutasa in conjuction with the secret service, the police and the army.

The abductees then spent more than four months in Zimbabwe's filthy prisons before they were released on stringent bail conditions.

But in the weeks after the MDC joined the inclusive govt., ZANU-PF officials have become bolder in their efforts to derail the inclusive govt.

The rearrest of MDC and human rights activists, according to the hard line ZANU-PF officials, is the best and quickest way to topple the inclusive government.

Of late, the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has claimed that the inclusive govt. is irreversible. What remains to be seen is what the MDC will do now that dozens of its members are now behind bars, in addition to the fact that Mugabe has refused to address other GNU outstanding issues.

The MDC, obsevers said, was unlikely to pull out of the inclusive govt. now that they have tested the sweetness of power.

Judging by the MDC's reaction to the news of the rearrest of the activists, it is safe to conclude that the MDC will merely complain about it and move on.

In a statement, the MDC said it was "shocked by the blatant disregard of human rights shown by the State today at the Harare Magistrate’s Court when 18 MDC and civil society members facing trumped-up charges of banditry, terrorism and insurgency where re-detained."

In complaining at the arrest of the activists, the MDC has exposed what has always been believed within and without Zimbabwe: The MDC has no power in the inclusive govt.

Had the MDC had power, it wouldn't have allowed the rearrest of several of its members.


Below is the MDC's full statement:

The MDC is shocked by the blatant disregard of human rights shown by the State today at the Harare Magistrate’s Court when 18 MDC and civil society members facing trumped-up charges of banditry, terrorism and insurgency where re-detained.

Today’s ruling is a clear signal that there are some elements within government and Zanu PF who are against the implementation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and the wishes of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

Today’s ruling seriously threatens not only the life and health of the inclusive government, but its longevity and durability. Today’s ruling is a flagrant disregard to the commitments and agreements by the three principals to the GPA.

Today’s ruling slams shut the door of international goodwill. It undermines and threatens the goodwill that the inclusive government had begun to enjoy on the continent and the broader international community.

The MDC national executive will soon meet to deliberate on various issues, including the continued flagrant and blatant violations of the Global Political Agreement, which is the compass and guide of the inclusive government.

Among those who were re-detained today are Jestina Mukoko, the Zimbabwe Peace Project director, former personal aide to the MDC President Ghandi Mudzingwa, the MDC Mashonaland West women’s assembly chairperson Concilia Chinanzvavana and Chris Dhlamini, the MDC’s head security.

The magistrate hearing the case said she no longer had any jurisdiction to grant the activists further remand as there trial dates have been set at the High Court.

The re-detention of the 18 is also most worrying as the State has no evidence on the charges that are being levelled against these innocent people.

For the past two months, the MDC has been pushing for a lasting conclusion to outstanding issues in the GPA but Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF have not been willing to show their sincerity to the agreement.

The outstanding issues include the case of permanent secretaries and ambassadors, the swearing-in of Senator Roy Bennett as deputy minister of Agriculture, the issue of provincial governors, the issue of the RBZ governor Gideon Gono and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana.

The MDC urges SADC and the African Union as the guarantors of the GPA, to urgently address the political stalemate in Zimbabwe as it threatens national and international stability.

The MDC calls for the immediate release of all the re-detained activists and also the release of seven MDC activists whose whereabouts remain unknown after they were abducted by State security agents in November and December last year.

The MDC is a party of excellence. We believe that human rights are sacred, inalienable and sacrosanct. We believe that the dignity of the people should continue to be respected. We believe that the duty of the State is to protect citizens and not to detain, harass or abuse them.

Together, we will march with the people towards a new Zimbabwe.

MY SAY.... 
''mugabe,em and the generals'' still hold all the power and the more ''the white world'' performs and points fingers and lays down ultimatums the worse they will get. 
Actually what right has ''the white world'' got to lay down ultimatums in the first place.....???

What is their agenda .....?????

As far as I can see ''the white wqorld'' is not interested in the hell that the people of Zimbabwe are going through all they want is revenge for what was done to the White farmers.....their continued demands and posturing is just a damn joke and the Zimbabwean peoples lives are being played with like a cat toys with a mouse before it kill's it......they really don't care a toss about any Zimbabwean that is not a White farmer....

Morgan Tsvangarai and his party have been used as a tool by ''the white world'' who by the way were so foolish in their use of him because they have and are making their use of him so public that they have condemned him to failure......

If only ''the white world'' had acted like mature and intelligent human beings in the treatment of ''mugabe'' Zimbabwe would be a zanu pf and mugabe free zone by now instead they made him a hero in Africa and destroyed a country and it's people all because of  skin colour and nothing more......

''mugabe'' was ''the white worlds'' hero even when he slaughtered thousands off in Matebeleland the only time he became a villian was when he dared to step on the White Zimbabweans toes........

To ''the white world'' get out of the pig sty's that you have been in for so long ....learn that just because a person is not white doesn't mean that they have to be treated like some sort of sub human do not have the right to tell other countries how they should be run because no one tells you how to run your country' just stump willy nilly all over others and then squeal when you get bitten by your own medicine......
Clean up your act when dealing or doing business in Africa and stop looking for the corrupt and violent leaders and paying them chump change for your own benefit's........
Africa today is the mess that it is because of you lot.......just go back into the hstory of how ''the white world'' has dealt with should be ashamed to the have placed and supported the most evil of men....started wars and supported them to.....turned a blind eye to ther most evil of people and all for the sake of your pockets now you are frothing and peeing all over the place because of ''mugabe'' and his treatment of the White farmers not because of his treatment of the people of Zimbabwe......those you don't give a toss about.......

Keep performing and laying down your law and Zimbabwe will get further and further away from you........


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