Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THE MANY FACES OF MUGABE........08/04/09

Mugabe ballpoint sketch by Phil

Siegfried Woldhek 2007

Signature of Robert Mugabe

United Nations office in Addis Ababa February 1, 2009.

Robert Mugabe's Wedding Day 1961

"Lord Carrington can go to hell!" (November, 1979). 

South African president Nelson Mandela (left) and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe are presented with flowers upon Mandela’s arrival in Harare on a three-day state visit on May 19 1997. AFP

Robert Mugabe, right,president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, waits as he is introduced before presenting his address the 62nd General Assembly at the United Nations on September 26, 2007 in New York City.

Robert Mugabe and Canaan Banana, Prime Minister and President respectively, at a signing ceremony on Zimbabwe's independence, April 18, 1980.

1960 robert mugabe

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the African nationalist and Zimbabwean politician arriving at Lancaster House, London, England, for the start of the British convened Zimbabwe Rhodesia Constitutional Conference.

14th March 1978, Robert Mugabe, left, and Joshua Nkomo pictured together during talks on Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) at the Foreign Office in London

21st December 1979: The leaders of the Patriotic Front, Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, Lord Carrington the British Foreign Secretary, Sir Ian Gilmore and Bishop Abel Muzorewa the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, at Lancaster House. The occasion is the signing of the agreement on the independence of Zimbabwe.

10th September 1979: The Constitutional Conference on the future of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, attended by Leaders of the Patriotic Front Robert Mugabe (left) and Joshua Nkomo at Lancaster House, London.

Politics, London, England,1979, Britian and leaders of Rhodesia's parties sign the historic Cease-fire and Constitutional Agreement at Lancaster House, L-R, Deputy of the Salisbury Delegation Doctor Mundawarara, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington, Lord Privy Seal Ian Gilmor, Patriotic Front Leader Jushua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe

The royal 'we': Mugabe shares 'a treasured moment' with the Queen in 1994



Wonder what was so exciting when Bob met the Queen? ...and in the other picture he does look like the Queens Buttler ha ha ha!

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