Monday, March 16, 2009

Just realeased the picture of the truck driver......ahhahaha

Senior soldiers share vehicles looted from diamond dealers.

More than 1 000 luxury vehicles seized from suspected diamond dealers in Manicaland and Harare were this week being shared by military commanders and Zanu (PF) officials. The vehicles were confiscated, mainly from diamond and foreign currency dealers when the army, police and the Central Intelligence Organisation, CIO, under Operation mari wakaiwana kupi? (Where did you get the money?)

During the exercise, people who could not prove that their vehicles had been sourced through legitimate means had them confiscated. A senior army officer told The Zimbabwean that the vehicles were parked at KG V1 for distribution to the army chiefs and Zanu (PF) officials.

“For most of the week, the luxury vehicles were being fitted with new civilian number plates. Senior army commanders could not choose vehicles of their choice because the wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander, Jocelyn Chiwenga, had not cherrypicked a luxury vehicle of her choice. She only pitched up on Wednesday and helped herself to a luxury Lexus vehicle.”

Jocelyn, a civilian, is notorious for issuing orders to soldiers. She has also tried in the past to physically attack Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. The senior army officer, who is not a beneficiary in the looting spree, said there was general disgruntlement among middle-ranking and junior soldiers who felt the vehicles should have been converted to military use or auctioned to buy food rations for their canteens, which have no provisions.

Zimbabwe National Army commander, Lieutenant General Philip Sibanda, settled for an Isuzu twin cab which has a refrigerator. "There are six Hummers parked at the military camp and we suspect those are being kept for ZDF commander Constantine Chiwenga, Air Force commander Perence Shiri, head of prisons Paradzayi Zimondi, Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri and Happyton Bonyongwe, head of CIO.”

The soldier, who said he was bitter at being left out of the looting frenzy, said 10 all- terrain trucks had been allocated to each Zanu (PF) province for use in campaigning for the next elections – expected within 18 months. Zanu (PF) and the government are both broke and the former ruling party will not be able to dip its hands in the national purse to fund their campaign as Tendai Biti of the MDC is now keeping the national purse.


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