Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18, 2009.

A cholera patient drinks a sugar solution at a ward in Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18, 2009. A cholera epidemic has killed over 4,000 people and more than 91,000 people have been infected.

Zimbabwean nurses prepare sugar solutions for cholera patients at Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18 2009. Zimbabwe's ongoing cholera epidemic has infected about 90,000 people and killed more than 4,000.

A Zimbabwean woman administers a sugar solution to her child suffering from cholera at Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18, 2009.

A Zimbabwean woman administers a sugar solution to her child suffering from cholera at Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18, 2009.

Cholera patients hold cups of sugar solution as they rest inside a ward Budiriro Polyclinic in Harare March 18 2009.

Main Zimbabwe news today......

A Letter of Thanks from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai 

My Fellow Zimbabweans, Honourable Colleagues, and Friends - I write simply to say thank you. For your kind condolences, for your personal visits during our family’s time of mourning. For attending, in your thousands, the services in Zimbabwe, Johannesburg and London. For your thoughts, prayers, messages, and continued expressions of hope for a new Zimbabwe.
While deeply saddened and shocked by this precipitous loss in my life, I remain resolute that none who’ve spent their waking moments -- sometimes decades -- struggling for freedom and prosperity shall have done so in vain.

But let me take this tragic occasion to say, let us never ever forget the critical role of our families, too -- children, fathers, husbands, mothers and…wives -- who may never have chosen to be directly engaged in the struggle for freedom and democracy, but without who’s support none of us would be where we are today. Let us never forget the sacrifices of our family members. Let us never fail to appreciate the role they play.

Ours is an epic struggle for what is right, just and true. It is a difficult struggle that my beloved Amai Susan endured with great dignity, strength and courage. And it is a struggle she would want all of us to continue without stopping too many moments for tears of sadness.

But, of course, healing will take time, and I intend to take time to mourn with my children. During my brief absence the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister Khupe will carry out my duties.

We are shattered by this loss, but know we cannot afford to lose time. Our children’s future depends on us. The clock is ticking and we must and shall not flinch. We shall not waiver. We shall not lose focus.  Even when life continues to try to knock us down we must not give up, grow afraid, or despair.

My Fellow Zimbabweans, let us together move toward that horizon of peace and prosperity which today may seem so very far away – but which we know God has given us the strength to reach.  With the grace of God, someday soon we will not only see, but even celebrate – a new tomorrow, a new hope for ourselves and our beloved Zimbabwe, and a new commitment to genuine healing and unity of purpose.

I shall not lose faith during this very dark time, and I ask that neither shall you.

May God bless you and may God bless Zimbabwe.

Acting Prime Minister meets blood Diamond investigators.

HARARE – Acting Prime Minister Thokozani Khuphe on Wednesday held discussions with a team from Kimberly Process, which is in Zimbabwe on a fact-finding mission to establish allegations that the country’s security forces killed more than 200 illegal miners and dealers at Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange, Manicaland.
The team, comprising Benhard Esau (Chair) from Namibia, Kennedy Hamutenya- Diamond Commissioner Namibia, Mr Louis Sekelane Chief Executive Officer of South Africa’s Precious Metals Regulator, Ms Cecillie Mbundu KPCS Coordinator - Namibia and Vicky Dan KPCS Liason Officer – Namibia, arrived in Zimbabwe on Sunday.

James Maridadi, the spokesman for the Acting Prime Minister, said the Deputy Minister of Mines Murisi Zwizwai accompanied the delegation.


Finance Minister Biti Launches New Economic Blue Print

HARARE, (Reuters) - Zimbabwe has slashed its estimate for this year's revenue by nearly half, the finance minister said on Wednesday, with no sign of badly needed foreign aid and investment to help the new unity government.

The 2009 budget revision to $1 billion from $1.7 billion was revealed as the country struggles with 90 percent unemployment, hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods.

Zimbabweans hope the government between President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will halt a decline that Mugabe blames on Western sanctions but critics say was caused by his reckless policies.


Zimbabwe's economy 'literally sustained by beer and cigarettes' - Biti

Harare - Revenue from tax on alcohol and tobacco has been the key contribution to Zimbabwe's overall income, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said in presenting a revised 2009 budget to Parliament. This is unacceptable, said Biti.

"Indirect taxes made up of customs and excise duty have contributed 88 per cent of government revenue which means that the government has been literally sustained by beer and cigarettes. This is unacceptable," Biti said.......



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