Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mugabe slaughters 500 cattle for 85th birthday party

FIRST FAMILY (FROM LEFT) 'Birthday Boy' - President Mugabe, Bona Mugabe, Grace Mugabe, Chatunga Mugabe and Robert Mugabe (Junior) 

 ZIMBABWE - HARARE - The 21st February Movement will hold a fund raising dinner to raise funds for President Mugabe's 85th birthday party next week, with 500 cattle set to be slaughtered for the extravagant bash.

Mugabe's birthday present: purge of last white farmers

A SECRET plan has been hatched by President Robert Mugabe's most loyal supporters to evict the last of Zimbabwe's white farmers from their land before his 85th birthday.
He is already planning to celebrate the occasion with vast quantities of champagne and caviar, even though half his country faces starvation.

But just in case the Bollinger does not provide enough fizz, his acolytes are preparing an extra surprise: a fresh onslaught against Zimbabwe's last white farmers.


Gee but those ''targeted sanctions'' are really hurting ''mugabe''.......


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