Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Deal Pics From Zimbabwe......21/01/09

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai leaves the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare after talks with President Robert Mugabe and regional leaders January 20, 2009. Zimbabwe's power-sharing talks ended without a deal and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said no progress was made on what he called the "darkest day of our lives".

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe leaves the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare January 20, 2009.


My Say....
Please just give up on this GNU was never mean't to work right from the can anyone in the sane mind believed that ''mugabe and the zanu pf mafia'' were ever going to share anything.....
Just stop all this messing around and stop advising ''MT'' to keep on creeping around ''mugabe and the zanu pf mafia'' and for once in his life do what he says......   


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