Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Forum Questions for Deputy Prime Minister Designate -Prof Mutambara (MDC-M)

As the next proposed guest ZimDaily.com and www.Zimtelegraph.com will exclusively host MDC - M President Arthur G Mutambara on www.zimdailyforum.com for a live discussion. Professor Mutambara is the Deputy Prime Minister designate in the proposed Unity Government. He is a busy man and for that reason we are inviting questions well in advance to allow him or a senior official of his party to answer them.

Last week Zimdaily and Zimtelegraph hosted Senator Obert Gutu ,the MDC Senator for Chisipite. He is a member of the MDC National Legal Committee as well as the MDC National Information Committee. Zimdaily and Zimtelegraph aim to provide equal platform for all the major Political players in Zimbabwe. In the next few weeks we will be inviting senior members of (ZANU-PF,Mavambo/Kusile,revived PF-ZAPU ) to clarify their positions and plans on Zimbabwe’s health,socio and economic problems. The idea is for them to give unfiltered answers straight to their followers and our readers.

Let us respect our guest,that way more guests will take up the invitation to interact with readers and forum members. Please ask your questions which will be forwarded to Professor Mutambara. Let us ask firm but polite questions and no vulgar or insults to allow a free flowing discussion.

Here are some of the questions that have been asked so far......if you would like to join in go here.....

1. Does Arthur Mutambara seriosuly believe that Tsvangirai is Western puppet ? If Arthur Mutambara believes that Tsvangirai is a Western puppet does that mean he is trying to suggest that the millions of Zimbabweans who took their time to go and cast their votes on 29 March were doing to assert the rights of the West.

2. Isn't AGO trivializing Tsvangirai's concerns by blinding pushing for the implementation of the power-sharing pact before Tsvangirai's concerns are addressed by SADC or AU in a fair and just manner ?

3. Is it true that AGO left Standard Bank under a very dark cloud ?


MDC-M has not publicly commented on Mugabe's unilateral appointments of senior government officials in clear contravention of the GPA eg the Attorney General and the RBZ Governor.

Does that mean your party is in full agreement with these appointments?


(1) Hie! Mr Pro. Mutambara on coming to Manchester some time ago together you, Priscilla and Ncube we asked you people why are you not taking in Jonathan Moyo in our party so that tomorrow we do not cry foul as it has happened before when he was taken by Zanu, as we believe and hope properly handled Jonathan Moyo can be of valuable to your/our party?
(2) Why is it so difficulty for Tsvangirai to see sense in you while we do?

(3) Thirdly Why your/our party is doing nothing to dispel rumors of selling out to Mugabe as such people think its true? and again you comments on media addresses why they come late? They need kept update so that we do not lose track what our party is doing or thinking about issues coming out of the situation in Zimbabwe?

(4) Fourthly can you make sure your MPs are in line with you party and remind them again that they need to know on which or whose ticket they went into Parliament hence they must know we voted them as MDC hence they must remain so and they must be bide by its decisions too!

(5) We are small for now but I believe if you (MDC-M) remain truthfull in its doing, guys Zimbabwe will soon know who are the right MDC and keep up your posting and media addressing issues in time before the rumors and allegations come out and use media such as you tube thoroughly or even this site or New Zimbabwe columns to put our organisations point of views on current issues known in time.

Your last posting and the last year new year message made a lot of people think positively about your ability and the party too so keep it up man!

(6) Do not forget to take in Jonathan Moyo into the party that guy can make miracles some times, do not mind his past he is a Zimbabwean first I believe he cares about the country too, even Tsvangirai was once Zanu so the past does not matter we want him with you full stop.


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