Saturday, January 24, 2009

EU extends list of banned Mugabe allies and companies

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union will add over 25 individuals and 36 companies to a list of banned allies of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe Monday because of their links to suspected human rights abuses, EU officials said.

The sanctions list will for the first time include companies registered in the 27-nation European Union, including in Britain, two EU diplomats said, without naming the firms.

The EU officials said the assets of the firms, shell companies that the EU considers support Mugabe's government, will be frozen.

"They are Zimbabwe-based but registered in Europe, they are used by the regime to channel money out of the country," an EU diplomat said. "This is a big step regarding the Zimbabwe sanctions."

The moves, due to be finalised at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, will bring the bloc's Zimbabwe sanctions list to more than 200 people and 40 companies, by adding government members and relatives of Mugabe allies.

EU sanctions on Zimbabwean officials were initially triggered by the seizure of white-owned farms under Mugabe's land distribution, and his disputed re-election in 2002.


My Say....
And exactly what are these damn sanctions stopping any of the ''mugabe mafia'' from doing......???
All that happens is the people suffer even more if that is even hasn't brought an end to ''mugabe''

They can't come up with a new approach to the whole mess that they have created so they hammer a few more nails in the Zimbabweans coffins that already are overflowing with damn nails.....

Gono built himself a mansion....he has just imported a whole a fleet  of top of the range motor vehicles and plasma TVs ....US$1 million worth......
Grace has been to Hong Kong on a shopping spree and also to settle Bona into her new college in Hong Kong where by the way ''mugabe'' has just opened a new special Zimbabwe diplomatic consulate , fully staffed and well financed, just for the purpose of serving the needs of his daughter.

This is just the tip of the ''mugabe mafia'' iceberg....and just how affective..NOT.. these so called targeted sanctions are....


They are just a cowards way of dealing with ''mugabe and the mafia''


So, will this banning of Bob's allies include the SA government? I have to wonder, because clearly they are allies too. A simple SA border sanction will have solved this problem - just like it brought Smith down.

Sanctions solve nothing and never have.....another couple of years of war and ''smith'' would have been brought down so nicely..

It might sound so very heartless and cruel even but until the people in side Zim decide to stand up to the ''mugabe mafia'' nothing will change.

sorry - but you are an idiot. how do you expect the people of zimbabwe to stand up? they have already voted. their choice is clear. do you want them to take up arms? hardly the zimbabwean way. and not at all what the MDC is about. MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE. The only way to help the people of Zimbabwe is for the rest of the world to actually do something. and smith would have survived a lot longer if it hadn't been for the threat of south africa closing its border. seems to me you might be a victim of selective history.

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