Tuesday, December 16, 2008


8 MONTHS AGO....Commissioner general of the Zimbabwe police, Augustine Chihuri, right, addresses a press conference, as the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Constantine Chiwenga, second from right, Air Force chief Perence Shiri, third from right, and Zimbabwe Prisons head Paul Zimondi, left, look on, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Friday, March 28, 2008. Zimbabwe's security chiefs say they are on "full alert" to confront any violence surrounding critical elections Saturday. The balloting poses the toughest challenge ever to 28-year ruler Robert Mugabe.

AIR Force of Zimbabwe Commander Air Marshal Perrance Shiri was shot and injured on Saturday evening by unidentified gunmen who ambushed him while he was driving to his farm.

Air Marshal Shiri survived the assassination attempt, which occurred at around 8:30pm.
He suffered a gunshot wound on the right palm and is receiving treatment at a Harare hospital.
The Minister of Home Affairs, Cde Kembo Mohadi, said the AFZ Comma-nder was in a stable condition.
The Government yesterday said the attack on Air Marshal Shiri appeared to be part of targeted terror attacks to destabilise the country.


The word on the street in Zimbabwe is that zanu pf,mugabe and the generals are blaming White Zimbabweans for it......this is going to really put the lives of those White Zimbabweans still in the country in a great deal of danger.....and this is all thanks to those damn so called ''targeted sanctions'' that the West keeps on performing about......zanu pf,mugabe and the generals are calling for revenage for them and this ''shiri'' crap is the weapon.........

So well done the West and the ''sanction screamers'' your sanctions are really working ...at killing off ordinary Zimmbabweans


What a load of rubbish. Sanctions has nothing to do with what is happening to Zimbabweans. Mugabe is the cause, full stop! This is a pathetic SDUDLA. Surely you can come up with an arguement that has more validity?

Hahahahhahahha.......is really amazes me how people that are supposed to be intelligent act like Ostriches....next time before you go around falling onto your ''white charger'' read what is said with an open mind and don't put things that aren't there there......

By the way while we are on about these ''sanctions'' could you inform me(the thick one)just how they have made the ordinary Zimbabweans life any better and just what they have stopped ''mugabe and his mafia'' from doing....

Mugabe is no mafia,dictator or whatever you want to call him, this man is hero!! the west duped us all. we all belived the lancaster hse agreement would actually work but NO..not if the white is not involved,bunch of liers!!! how dare anyone label Mr Mugabe a mafia, you need to go back to the past to understand the future.

Hahahahahaha.....another Ostrich......and yes the man is a hero that has passed his sell by date a long time ago......

Oh I lived in the past.....I voted for ''mugabe'' believing that finally there was going to be an African leader who was going to show all the haters that good did come out of Africa.....that we were going to be the best African country and an example for the rest of Africa to feel guilty about how they had ripped their people off and destroyed their country's through violence,abuse and corruption.....

Guess what he actually became as bad or even worse than the rest

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