Friday, December 26, 2008


An MDC official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: "It's not enough to merely take them to court. The people responsible for the abductions are the ones who have to appear in court. The Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri, the Ministers of Intelligence and Defense, all of them should be sued. SADC knows the people were abducted and therefore the regime has to be sued and SADC has to agree. We cannot tolerate this continued culture of impunity. Neither should the MDC treat the appearance in court of abducted activists as some form of political victory. It is an anomaly."

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said on Wednesday it feared that more people, unknown to the lawyers, are still being held. "It is our strong belief that more individuals than those disclosed to lawyers are being held in those police stations, as well as others which have not yet been visited. It is also our belief that there may be more abducted persons than those currently confirmed and on the full list with which lawyers are currently working, as confirmed by the discovery of two individuals in custody who had not been previously known to be abducted," the group said.

List of confirmed detentions (source ZLHR 24/12/08)

Jestina Mukoko - Matapi

Concilia Chinhanzvana - Highlands

Emmanuel Chinhanzvana - Marlborough

Pieta Kaseke - Marlborough

Ghandi Mudzingwa - Highlands

Zacharia Nkomo - Stodart

Mapfumo Garutsa - Mbare

Regis Mujeyi - Matapi

Pascal Gonzo - Rhodesville

Broderick Takawira - Braeside

Nigel Mutemagawu (2-year-old minor) - Mabelreign

Tawanda Bvumo - Rhodesville

Violet Mupfuranhehwe - Mabelreign

Mr Makwezadzimba - Braeside

Whereabouts still unconfirmed (source ZLHR 24/12/08)

Andrison Shadreck Manyere

Chinoto Zulu

Agrippa Kakonda

Chris Dhlamini

Gwenzi Kahiya

Lovemore Machokota

Charles Muza

Ephraim Mabeka

Edmore Vangirayi

Peter Munyanyi

Graham Matehwa

Confusion still remains over the exact figures of those abducted, as several names provided by the MDC weeks ago are missing from this latest list provided by the ZLHR. Some of the missing names include:

Fidelis Chiramba, Zvimba South district chairperson, who stood as an MDC senatorial candidate for Zvimba in the March 29 elections.

Ernest Mudimu, MDC parliamentary candidate for Zvimba North in the March 29 elections.

Fanwell Tembo, MDC Zvimba South youth organiser.

Terry Musona, MDC deputy provincial secretary.

Lloyd Tarumbwa, MDC activist.

Collen Mutemagawo, MDC Zvimba South youth chairperson (father of two year old)

Larry Gaka, MDC activist.

Bothwell Pasipamire MDC youth Kadoma Central constituency, Mashonaland West. Abducted weekend of 13 Dec.


JESTINA MUKOKO                                                                     Harare Remand prison

CONCILIA CHINHANZVANA                                                         Harare Remand prison

EMMANUEL CHINHANZVANA                                                       Harare Remand prison

PIETA KASEKE                                                                            Harare Remand prison

GANDHI MUDZINGWA                                                                Highlands police station

ZACHARIA NKOMO                                                                      Stodart police station

MAPFUMO GARUTSA                                                                   Mbare police station

REGIS MUJEYI                                                                            Matapi police station

PASCAL GONZO                                                                          Rhodesville police station

BRODERICK TAKAWIRA                                                              Braeside police station

NIGEL MUTEMAGAWU (2 Year Old minor)                                    Harare Remand prison

TAWANDA BVUMO                                                                      Rhodesville police station

VIOLET MUPFURANHEHWE                                                         Harare Remand prison

MR. MAKWEZADZIMBA                                                                Braeside police station

ANDRISON SHADRECK MANYERE                                                 Rhodesville police station

CHINOTO ZULU                                                                          Braeside police station

CHRIS DHLAMINI                                                                       Hatfield police station


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