Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have just been made aware of is what is going on right now.....

First they beat the ZRP officers who tried to intervene, then they told them to leave or die. Thats the actions of the great members of the ZDF.

Then these great defenders of the liberation struggle herded men women and children into ambush zones using helicopters and motorcycles.....and killed them all. And they did this day in and day out for three days in Manicaland this week.

I have just returned from Mutare, numbed by the slaughter I have seen. When contacted with the news of these events, I packed a truck with food and blankets and went down with my staff to see what help we could offer. I could not imagine what I was about to see.

Bullets whistling across main roads, people screaming and running as bullets punched holes through their homes, bodies being dumped into army trucks to move to Mutare.

I eventually placed the food and blankets with a church group for distribution and headed to Muatre to see if I could get help sent South to Marange. Everyone, ZRP included are too scared to move.

Helping a family look for two missing relatives at the Mutare morgue has left me with visions of horror that will haunt me to my death day. I estimate over 200 bodies lies in rotting piles at Mutare morgue, grotesque heaps of what were human beings until a few days ago. They are unknown persons, families are scared to come forward to claim them, fearing the same fate... The stench is indescribable, power is off in Mutare for between 12 and 18 hours per day.....

You may ask what this is all about..... simple. The dead are SUSPECTED by the military bosses to be illegal diamond panners. No due process, no presumption of innocence, no right to defend ones self in a court of law, just instant summary execution by the defenders of this great liberation.

Top businessmen in Mutare have been picked up by the army, and taken away, tortured for a few days, realesed, no charges, no crimes, just a "suspicion" that "maybe you know something". They are also robbed of any forex they have on them/in their homes. I met two of them at at attorney's office, one is a 70 year old man, his back and buttocks beaten for 3 days, until he begged them to kill him, then they realized he actually did not know anything. Another, Ari Badhella (family of Badhella Traders) bought his way out of the torture sessions.


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