Tuesday, November 18, 2008


AN Epworth police officer and two neighbourhood watch committee members were arrested last week on allegations of soliciting and getting bribes from two theft suspects they had arrested in order to release them with their loot.

Police sources say the three demanded

$4 million, 50 rand and US$5 in order to release the suspects and give them back the stolen goods while one of the officers extorted a colour television set and a DVD player from the suspects.

The sources said the suspects were arrested while transporting various goods, among them electrical gadgets, blankets and cellphones, valued at more than $2 billion, from a house in Mandara to Epworth on Thursday night.

The suspects, according to the sources, were using a scotch cart to transport the goods when they were confronted by one of the neighbourhood watch committee members.

They were taken to Epworth Overspill police base where a plan to release them was hatched by the police officer and the two neighbourhood watch committee members.

It is further alleged that the three demanded the cash and foreign currency from the suspects before giving back part of the loot.The case came to light when detectives from Highlands Police Station arrested two suspected thieves on Saturday in Epworth.

The suspects revealed that they were released on Thursday after paying bribes to the policeman and the two neighbourhood watch committee members.

Further investigations led to the arrest of the three, who are expected to appear in court soon.



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