Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prospect for the future: Mugabe will use ZANU-PF militia to stay in power

Panelists at the Africa Dialogue Lecture Series, hosted by the University of Pretoria, believe that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will use militia to remain in power.

The panelist spoke as Robert Mugabe unleashed the police on unarmed students who were marching in downtown Harare. The police violently broke up the student demo, as they have always done over the last decade.

The panelists also said only free and fair elections will deliver Zimbabwe from the current economic crisis. The accepted as a given that the GNU deal that was signed September 15 was unworkable.

Looking at the political situation in Zimbabwe, the Deputy Chairperson of the South African Institute of International Affairs, Moeletsi Mbeki, asked what would be the role of politics if there is no economy.

Mbeki says as long as Mugabe controls State resources like the army, there is no way the opposition MDC would have an impact on the direction the country would take.

"You have a state in Zimbabwe that has become totally unaccountable to anybody. You have an inner clique around Mugabe, which is what is running the country. But this inner clique cannot produce the food for the people of Zimbabwe. So, ultimately to solve Zimbabwe's problems, you need free and fair elections," says Mbeki.

Speakers said in Zimbabwe, the constitution gets changed from time to time to undermine the rule of law. The continued tinkering with the constitution has seen Mugabe become a demigod, accountable to noone, they added.

Changes to the constitution resulted in the police being given vast powers, equaling, if not surpassing those of Apartheid South African police.

The panelists charged that as long as there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe, no one will invest in the country.


I am still trying to understand why MDC even entered into this ''deal'' crap with ''mugabe and the generals''......

Does MDC have some really crap advisor's....are they bunch of fools........are they just plain stupid or are they just as power hungry as ''mugabe and the generals''.....????

People died,got beaten,raped,burnt,lost their homes and property to vote for MDC and freedom and the best that MDC can offer these people is a farting dance with ''mugabe and the generals'' who by the way have not stopped slaughtering,raping and destroying people and their property...

At the end of the day neither party deserves the right to run Zimbabwe and our people......


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