Monday, October 27, 2008


Cholera leaves 120 dead in Zimbabwe

Cholera has killed more than 120 people so far this year in crisis-stricken Zimbabwe, a doctors' group said Friday, warning the spread of the disease pointed to a dangerous collapse in basic services.

"The government has grossly underestimated the impact that infrastructure breakdown is having on public health," the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights said in a statement.

Over just the last two months, the waterborne disease has hit the capital Harare, as well as towns in the northern and western parts of the country, the group said.

"Water supply is irregular or completely absent in most urban areas, burst sewage pipes continue to be left unattended and there is a lack of refuse collection," the statement said.


Child labour out of control in Harare

Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare has the highest number of children working full-time and not attending school, an anti-child labour lobby group has said.
Coalition Against Child Labour and Abuse in Zimbabwe project co-ordinator Pascal Masocha said preliminary findings of the 2008 Child Labour baseline survey have revealed that more children were engaging in labour in the city than in previous years.

He said the increase in the province could be attributed to HIV and AIDS, socio-economic hardships and breakdown in family support systems.

Although he could not be drawn into revealing the exact percentage increase, he said the capital had seen a substantial increase in the number of child labour cases from below 60 percent last year to over 75 percent of young people between the ages of five and 17.

August 2008 - Refused by Zimbabwe state media this
half page vertical ad was flighted in the independent press.



According to the Western World we need more and stronger sanctions against Zimbabwe....

You see not enough people have died and the country is not destroyed enough......

So go on all you ''holier than thou'' more sanction criers sitting in your comfortable little worlds with your kids all nicely tucked up in bed with their full bellies call for more and stronger sanctions......they don't effect you in anyway what so ever and any way who gives a toss about a stupid little country in some deep dark part of Africa.....most of you think that it is a little village in some part of South Africa anyway.

Remember this that each and every one of you that agrees and calls for sanctions on Zimbabwe that each death that happens in Zimbabwe will be on your head.....

May you all be damned as you are damning the people of Zimbabwe......


yes... it is *always* the white man (and western world's) fault.

The fact that you have a dictator who systematically broke down the institutions necessary for free and fair elections, took away productive farmland from the white devils and used food aid as a political tool has nothing to do with it... or does it?

It seems Africans refuse to take responsibility for their own welfare... it's too easy blame the white man. At the same time, you are of course happy to stand in line for handouts and foreign aid, from the same people you so love to demonise.

There is *no* blood on my hands or on my conscience. It is on the conscience of Mugabe, his cronies and the security establishment in Zimbabwe. It is on the hands of Zimbabweans themselves.

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