Friday, September 5, 2008

Zanu-PF to revenge Mugabe humiliation

The head of Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Happyton Bonyongwe (L) with Constantine Chiwenga, the commander of the Zimbabwean Army (C) are pictured in talks with President Robert Mugabe.

Well we all knew that zanu pf,the generals and mugabe were never ever going to let the opposition MP's get away with their ''booing'' etc in parliament....

Reality must never ever be seen in Zimbabwe by ''mugabe''.....he must always think that all is well and smelling of roses.....

So now one of the senior politburo guys has told the zanu pf supporters that they have to seek revenge for what their ''god'' had to endure.....

Here are snippets of the report.....

HARARE - A senior Zanu-PF politburo member has urged party supporters to prepare for a revenge mission after the humiliation of President Robert Mugabe when he officially opened Parliament on Tuesday.....

Addressing supporters outside the Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare, the party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa urged them to gear themselves for retribution against MDC supporters....

Mutasa said Zanu-PF legislators watched in dismay as MDC supporters and legislators harangued Mugabe in full view of passers-by. He said, inside Parliament, Mugabe and Zanu-PF MPs were treated like school children by the opposition.

Said Mutasa: “It was a painful experience to watch our president, your president, being subjected to that kind of treatment and harassment by the MDC and its supporters

“We know that you were as pained as your leadership and there should be some recourse for that kind behaviour. We will do all we can to feed you and be strong to hit back.

We know that you were as pained as your leadership and there should be some recourse for that kind behaviour. We will do all we can to feed you and be strong to hit back.

“They know what we are capable of doing and they should not cry foul when we deliver that blow as symbolized by the fist which is the party’s symbol.”

He said Mugabe would, in the near future, give direction and guidance on the nature and form of the retribution.

“I cannot speak more about the things that will be done,” said Mutasa. “If the president was here, he would have told us what will be done and how it should be.”

Mugabe is accused of engineering well-calculated violent campaigns.

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Mat North 3rd Sept Report on food, fires and Hunting.


Our people need food! Especially in cut off areas like Binga and Lupane.

We are doing our best to get Mealie meal to them but with the lack of transport and finance it is very difficult.

Last week in Binga South, MP Joel Gabbuza picked up a small family on the side of road 18 KMs south of Binga. It was a mother and her three children. She was carrying her youngest child who child had just died in her arms. The other two children were both in a critical condition. Joel rushed the little family to the hospital in Binga. It seem that in their desperate hunger they had eaten poisonous roots. Luckily the mother and two children after a few days of care in the hospital have survived. For now.

Bush Fires and a potential Environmental disaster

Below is a report we got in yesturday from Environment Africa. It seems that they have managed to get enough help and fuel through the generosity of the local business people and hopefully in the next day or so the fire will be brought under control.

Environmental Disaster looming
We would like to inform you that there are three veldt fires that are moving towards Victoria Falls. We had a meeting with the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe -Fuller Forest Area Manager. He indicated that the veldt fires originated from Botswana and have destroyed a very big part of Panda-Masuwe Forest. The fires started last week on Friday and they are now heading towards the Chamabondo Vlei and Zambezi National Park.

The Forestry Commission has run out of fuel to use to move during fire fighting. They are therefore appealing to the corporate sector and individuals for donations in the form of fuel and manpower. The Manager said they need about 150 liters of diesel to effectively address this problem. They also need about 50 volunteers for the exercise. They also need one land cruiser for the exercise.

Could you please assist with donation of fuel ranging from 5 liters of diesel and above. Cumulatively we will be able to get the required amount.

For more information please Contact Namo Chuma on 011 736 637 Fuller Forest Area Manager Mr Mashingaidze on 011912826

Commercial Hunting Again in Chizarira

A hunting safari is taking place at the moment in Chizarira National Park again . Chizarira was one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Africa. Between uncontrolled poaching and now commercial hunting how will the wildlife in the park ever recover?.

I do not have the full details on this except that they are camped at Mabola camp site and due to all the shooting tourists that are staying nearby barley seen a thing as the wildlife is so skittish.
All of the above are just a few more of the symptoms of the terrible disease that our Country suffers from. God help us if we don't get a cure soon!


Well this is the Zimbabwe that was fought and died for......

Wasn't the Liberation War supposed to bring LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.....????


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