Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ex-Governor Turns To Vending

MASVINGO.Former provincial Governor and Resident Minister, Willard Chiwewe, axed by President Robert Mugabe for being aligned to the Mujuru faction which supported Simba Makoni’s presidential bid, has now resorted to selling vegetables.

Chiwewe cried uncontrollably when Mugabe fired him in the recent appointment of governors from the country’s ten provinces.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Titus Maluleke, deemed politically correct by Mugabe, has now replaced Chiwewe.

Chiwewe is usually seen with his Toyota Vigo twin cab selling vegetables he grows on the land he got after the controversial 2000 land invasions.

The bespectacled former senior civil servant, who packed all his belongings from the government offices in the dead of the night to avoid the glaring public, fumed at this reporter when he was asked why he had resorted to selling vegetables.

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A bit of what this man did.......


And there lays the reason why the ''deal'' is not moving forward and being choked by the zanu pf ministers...

These guys have been looting the country for years and been so stupid about it.In stead of looting a couple of times and investing the money wisely ....also making sure that the goose that laid the golden egg does not starve to they had to just keep on looting and living high on the hog while ''the goose'' slowly but surely got thinner and thinner and today ''the goose'' can hardly even afford to draw its next breathe to keep it alive....and still the fools want to hang on cause without their positions in government they will have NOTHING and they will be NOTHING.......


Lol, these thieves are not even worth the press coverage they are getting.

He can afford to sell produce whilst millions starve. I don't even feel sorry for them.

Some terrible things have happened which makes me angry with these people.

Tghe more I read your blog I feel like 'am going to burst with anger.

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