Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zimbabwe killing started '5 April'...

A Zimbabwean intelligence officer pinpoints torture camps and says the death toll is much higher than thought.

Tonight, an active serving officer in Mugabe's intelligence service tells Channel 4 News that Mugabe's officers are unleashing a campaign of terror and murder.

Human Rights Watch says it has documented 36 political killings in Zimbabwe since April. The opposition party, the MDC says 67. However the intelligence officer told Channel 4 News that the true death toll is far higher.

He has told the programme:

"I know 21 people from one camp only. But you can multiply from the camps around Harare and then you can put an average of people who died, because the number of people who died at one camp doesn't differ from other camps.

Because there is competition among the leaders to have the highest number in their camps."

He then put the number of dead at, at least one hundred in just one province alone.

This officer still works in Zimbabwe's intelligence services. He can't be identified for his own safety but using a map he has revealed to Channel 4 News the location of a network of camps across Zimbabwe.

He has told us that, "They started interrogating and killing people on April 5th. That's when they started setting up camps.... "

Our intelligence source has also told Channel 4 News that Mugabe did rig the first round in this election. First by sitting on the results for several weeks; and secondly by changing the figures in 21 constituencies:

"The intelligence agencies came in and changed all the figures on the polling stations in those 21 constituencies. They changed all the figures..."

This inside man has told us that the current killing will continue until the election run off so that people will not vote: "Right now the killing is going on, until the election day."

He continued: "They beat them, interrogate them... so that in the next election people are not going to vote."

Of his own role, he has told Channel 4 News that that his underlings are under orders to torture and kill.

"Personally I say to them to use plastic, to burn plastic and put it on their backs. What else? To put them in handcuffs. And with iron bars - to beat them the whole night. (And) to put them in water."


"They are forced to say Zanu PF slogans."

For security reasons we cannot make this report internationally available.

The video that comes with this report is not available to me here in South Africa but if you follow the link those overseas should be able to watch it.....

Channel 4.


Zimbabwe: wife of Harare's MDC mayor killed.

The body of the wife of Harare's mayor has been discovered hours after she was abducted with her four-year-old son in the latest raid targeting Zimbabwe's senior opposition figures.

Abigail Chiroto, 27, was kidnapped yesterday by armed men who then petrol bombed the house she shared with her husband, Emmanuel Chiroto, the recently elected mayor of Harare and a member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. The cause of death was not immediately revealed.

The discovery of her blindfolded body close to the couple's house north of Harare came as South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki, arrived today for previously unannounced talks with President Robert Mugabe.

"I knew when I heard that a woman's body had been found that it was her," Mr Chiroto, 43, told The Telegraph today.

The couple's four-year-old son, Ashley, was released unharmed late last night.

"My son keeps on saying to me, 'Daddy, go and get mummy from the forest, go and get her and bring her home'," Mr Chiroto said.

"I have not told him his mummy is dead."

Read the full story here.....



Zanu militia invades Mvurwi Hospital.

Zanu madness has taken anther step wayward,as I write all nurses at this District Hosp have been given 72 hours to vacate the hosp ,and the militia has taken over all nursing duties,at 1pm zim time i am told they were busy doing a drug round..........oh my God.,surprisingly some well known zanu nurses have been caught in the cross fire and have not been spared ,the PMD is currently locked in a meeting with the militia ,this act is beeing mastarminded by the Mazowe west MP elect Major Mhandu.


Information emerging of violent rampages in Harare by Zanu PF youth militia:

I have just received a phone call from a colleague saying that there is “full-scale terror” going on in Harare right now. Apparently Zanu PF Youth Militia squads are going door to door, sending people onto the streets and burning houses.

“It’s complete mayhem” the person who said.

This is currently happening in Kutsaga, an area close to Harare Airport. Apparently the people affected are simply fleeing the violence.

In a separate communication we received an sms saying, “Trouble in Kuwadzana as ZPF thugs go door to door beating up people. Spread the news”.

The number drawn into the violence is impossible to ascertain at this stage.

We have been told that the areas affected (that we know of so far) are Kutsaga, Kuwadzana, Mbare and Chitungwiza.

There is some anxiety that observers are not seeing the violence. There is talk that observers are being forced to attend “orientation” seminars in the mornings and told they cannot leave their hotels after 5pm.



Four activists killed in firebomb, says opposition.

Four opposition activists in Zimbabwe were burned to death last night after the house they were in was firebombed as violence continued ahead of next week's presidential elections.

The bodies of the four Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters were in found in the burnt-out home near Harare, their party said.

The discovery was made eight days before an election run-off between the president, Robert Mugabe, and the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Opposition spokesman Nqobizitha Mlilo said militants linked to Mugabe's party were seen in the area before the attack on the home of one of the dead activists.

Mugabe and his security officials have been accused of unleashing widespread violence to ensure victory at the polls.


The violence in Zimbabwe is getting worse with each day that passes.''mugabe and the generals'' are said to be paying $10 billion Zim dollars to any of the zanu pf youth that kill aan MDC person...

Here is Security Council Petition it and sign it PLEASE...we have to try and do something Zimbabweans can't take much more.......also pass it on to family and friends and ask them to sign it to.....




Amnesty: 12 Bodies Found In Zimbabwe; Most Victims Tortured

JOHANNESBURG (AFP)--Twelve bodies were found in various parts of Zimbabwe Thursday, and most victims appeared to have been "tortured to death by their abductors," Amnesty International said.

The allegation by the human rights group was made eight days before a run-off election pitting longtime President Robert Mugabe against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

"Amnesty International today revealed that 12 bodies have been found in various areas of Zimbabwe," it said in a statement. "Most of the victims appear to have been tortured to death by their abductors."


Mugabe thugs killed and mutilated MDC youth activists.

The murderous violence being driven by President Robert Mugabe’s militias reached new levels today with the killing and mutilation of four young men, the largest number of fatalities in a single incident in the last 10 weeks of Zimbabwe’s election campaign.

Three of the men were Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) youth activists, defending the home of a local official from attack by Zanu (PF) youths in the sprawling dormitory township of Chitungwiza about 30 km south of Harare.

The third was a passerby, abducted because he did not know the Zanu (PF) youths’ secret slogans and salutes used to identify supporters. All of the victims had their skulls smashed, said relatives who had seen the corpses in separate mortuaries. Some had their lips and genitals cut off.

The escalation of violence came as Gordon Brown called on Mr Mugabe to admit international rights observers and the UN rights envoy for the country’s run-off presidential election on June 27.




The residents of Kadoma are being punished for staging a daring rescue operation to recover our fellow MDC cadre who was being held in Zanu PF offices.

David was being held hostage in Zanu PF offices which are next door to a police camp in the high density suburb of Rimuka. The police could not do anything as a result we had to mobilize ourselves and storm the Zanu PF offices.

This did not go well with Ishmael Mutema and Jimayi Muduvuri who are the Zanu PF big wigs in Kadoma so they have unleashed a reign of terror on the residents of Kadoma.



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