Sunday, June 1, 2008



MDC leader Shepherd Jani murdered, mutilated body dumped in Goromonzi.

The Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe (CCDZ) is shocked at the callous murder of yet another community leader Shepherd Jani, who was abducted at his offices at Murewa Centre on Wednesday morning by suspected Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) operatives.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) treasurer for Mashonaland East province was abducted at gunpoint and bundled into a pick-up truck by four men.Reports received by the CCDZ indicate that Jani's mutilated body was discovered yesterday (24 May) in Goromonzi, the same area where the body of Tonderai Ndira,another civic activist who was abducted by CIOs was discovered before it was taken to Parirenyatwa hospital in Harare.

We are in great pain because to us Jani was more than a community leader whom we relied upon to run our programmes in Murewa and the entire Mashonaland East province.The leadership of CCDZ is shell shocked by this barbaric act and urges the government to investigate the murder of Jani and other civic activists who have been murdered since the 29 March elections.

Jani showed and demonstrated ethical leadership and was committed to positively impact the lives of ordinary citizens. We urge immediate investigation and the prosecution of the criminal gangs that are targetting prominent community leaders to instil fear in the whole electorate.The attacks against the civic leaders are systematic and targetting opinion leaders within communities to instil fear in the electorate and make it difficult for people to identify with the MDC.

CCDZ urges the Southern African Development Community (SADC) leadership to take a firm stand on the political impasse in Zimbabwe. We urge SADC to set up a Regional Criminal Tribunal to investigate the ongoing human rights abuses and bring the instigators to justice.

We urge the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open investigations and issue warrant of arrests against the known politicians in Zimbabwe who are instigating human rights abuses.The people of Zimbabwe are being butchered for exercising their democratic right to political participation.

We mourn Jani and grief with the entire Jani family in Murewa.We say go well! Hamba kahle! You are our hero! The tree of liberty that you decided to water with your blood shall forever grow.

How many more people will ''mugabe and his killing machine'' kill,torture and beat because they dared to vote for freedom.

All of this because ''mugabe and the generals'' will not give up power.

Their propaganda speeches that they are going around spewing out on the people is that MDC is funded by the British and they are trying to take Zimbabwe back for the White man and that the Black farmers that are trying to farm against all odds will be thrown off the land by the White farmers.This of course puts the fear of God into the Black farmers as they will once again be losing their land to the Whites along with the threats of being beaten and killed the people are now just awash with fear of every thing and every one....

So this re-run or run off elections are just a huge farce and excuse to spill more Zimbabweans blood because zanu pf and ''mugabe and the generals'' ain't going to step down....


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