Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A message from our founding member....

We made it onto the front page of the Friday Cape Argus.......

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is a very serious effort now taking place to force Zanu PF and Mugabe to rightfully concede defeat and give us our country back.
A phone campaign started on Monday evening on has swept across the globe and Zimbabweans abroad are taking action by phoning top Zanu PF people, government departments and others associated with refusal to hand over power to the people. Due to the presence of Zimbabweans across all time zones in the world, we have managed to disrupt Zanu activities and spark the fear of people power deep in their hearts. They have not been able to sleep and are very confused as we speak.
We have effectively jammed their lines of communications!

They took away our diaspora vote but they cannot silence our voices.
Please do your bit and call today and tell them we want the presidential results out, we want Mugabe out of office and we want our country back.

If you wish to hide your number, use phone cards, dial 141 first if in the UK, *67 in Canada, etc. Do not be afraid to call. There are literally thousands doing so right now. If you get a busy tone, congratulate yourself because someone else has gotten through.

Please pass this e-mail to everyone you know abroad and let's show them how much we want our country back.

Thank you.


Thanks Misty my heart & hopes are with you. judi

Thanks so much for that Judi....we will have an appeal posted on the blog which people can copy and paste and send to SADC,AU and the embassys of African countries where they live....

Blessings to you


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